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Michael Hellickson
Real Estate Speaker, Trainer, Coach
location_on Bonney Lake, WA — ClubWealth®
Get to Know Michael Hellickson


Michael Hellickson began his real estate career in 1991 and has been among the top 1% of all agents nationally since before he even graduated high school! With over 417 Short Sales, and more than 325 REO's in under 10 months, it's no surprise that Michael skyrocketed to becoming Washington State's (and the entire Northwest's) #1 real estate agent and also one of the top REO brokers in the nation. Additionally, Hellickson is considered by most to be the #1 short sale expert in the World. During his career, Hellickson has spoken to thousands of agents and organizations nationwide and has also been featured on several national television and radio programs including Glenn Beck, CNBC, The Dave Ramsey Show, and The Fox Business Network among many other local and regional programs. Hellickson is also the founder and president of ClubWealth® Coaching. Hellickson and his team of top-producing coaches mentor and train agents, lenders, servicers, outsourcers, World and community leaders, brokers and salespeople in various industries Worldwide on topics ranging from REO and short sales to managing your profit and loss and running your business like a S.H.A.R.P. CEOTM. Michael, his wife Tara, and their two children make their home in Bonney Lake Washington where they are active in their church, sports, outdoor activities and various philanthropic efforts

Testimonial Videos

This video shows testimonials of Michael Hellickson's recent Club Wealth events. For more testimonial videos, visit www.ClubWealth.com/testimonials


What's the difference between trying to ‘figure it out' for yourself and taking advantage of the ClubWealth® solution?

Trying to reinvent the wheel can be a very costly proposition... the best way to learn how to do something is to find someone who has done it successfully before you, and copy them. It is important that this person be both very good at what it is you want to learn how to do, and that they are exceptionally astute at teaching others. They should also have dialed in systems that are easy for you to duplicate. Their method for teaching should also be very systematic. Keep in mind, we've made many costly mistakes while building our businesses, so you don't have to. Learn from our mistakes as well as from our achievements and you will save time, money, and tons of headache on your way to successful selling!

What's the difference between the ClubWealth® solution and any other solution out there?

While others stop at giving you SOME information, at ClubWealth® we give you the whole enchilada (and the beans rice and guacamole to go with it!)! We also take it a step further and help you implement what you've learned, and we'll even hold you accountable for achieving the goals you have set for yourself. We provide you with systems for everything from how to hire and train an assistant to what contracts to use with your buyers agents. From guaranteed sale programs to expired listing campaigns, referral systems to direct marketing and radio and TV advertising, you will find what you're looking for (and even some stuff you didn't know you were looking for) at ClubWealth®! We've even been known to interview potential new hires on behalf of our coaching clients FOR FREE!! No other coach, consultant, company or system will do all this and more for you and your business!

Why should I choose ClubWealth® and not Joe Schmoe consulting?

No other coach IN THE WORLD has Michael Hellickson's track record. Many have never even sold real estate (or anything other than their coaching services for that matter!). True, there are a lot of very good coaches out there, unfortunately, however, they usually have a piece of the puzzle but not the whole thing. One focuses on building your business by referral, while another is primarily prospecting driven. Still another has built their system around direct marketing and is only now trying to diversify their message. Understanding the complexities of every aspect of these and other processes is critical to one's ability to help others succeed. At ClubWealth®, we believe in building a balanced business. Whether you are a Team of One, or a mega team of 40 or more, you will need to run your business like a business, while learning and implementing the best practices of the S.H.A.R.P. CEOTM.

What difference is ClubWealth® going to make for my career/business?


Our typical client increases their income by just over 40% and decreases their expenses by around 23% in their first year of coaching. Your goals are our goals. Ideally, you should achieve greater work-life balance, and develop a greater awareness for the importance of maintaining balance in all 5 key areas of your life. You will both make more money and enjoy more free time doing what you really love with those you care about the most.






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