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Aura Alex
Retired Real Estate Pro
location_on Seattle, WA
Get to Know Aura Alex

Aura started with a passion for marketing, crafting, and polishing articles and newsletters to promote hi-tech manufacturing projects. After sixteen years of grinding away in the corporate world, Aura caught a spark of potential and struck out on her own. She embraced the challenge by plunging into entrepreneurship and real estate in 1996 and 2001 respectively--ready to seize whatever opportunities awaited! 


Now, over three decades later, she has achieved her ultimate ambition--writing an inspirational book filled with knowledge from years of hard work and dedication!


Today, living in the Pacific Northwest Olympic Peninsula is a dream come true for Aura and her love of the outdoors. She's been able to explore nature trails with breathtaking views, snow-capped ridges that stretch as far as she can see, and marvel at serene sunsets over tranquil ocean-side waters.


Kayaking and dragon boating provide even more thrills to this incomparable landscape--an outdoor paradise beyond measure!


It's also an amazing place for writers who love being inspired by nature.


Follow Aura on her creative journey as she brings to life the first of many stories that are sure to evoke curiosity and stir up emotion. She is hard at work writing a book set for release later in 2024--a beautiful homage recreated out of her and others' personal experiences. So come along, dive into this vibrant world full of inspiration, and witness what living with passion looks like!


"When people tell their stories and feel heard, Magic happens!"--Aura Alex