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Where do you get your real estate training?  If you are like most real estate professionals you look for your company to provide you with a comprehensive training program that will make you a success.  Not so fast my friend.  Both you and your broker constantly remind each other that you are an independent contractor. So who's responsibility is it to get you trained?  If you look in the mirror you will meet that person.  You are the one responsible for your success or in most cases failure when it comes to the real estate business.


As a practicing real estate broker I have closed thousands of real estate transactions including 73 closed REO transactions in 2009.  Unlike many real estate trainers or so called coaches I still believe that you can not "phone it in".  I believe that we all need constant communication between the trainer and the professionals that they are training.  LIVE, yes LIVE, training accompanied by DVD's and Monthly Interactive Mentoring an our Coach on Call program are the keys to our agents success.  Sure you can sit in front of your computer and have someone send you a free webinar that is only a sales pitch to sell you some something else for hundreds if not thousands of dollars from a talking head that is reading an  script who has not touched a real estate transaction in years or worse never touched a real estate transaction in their lives.  Let me ask you this...HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR YOU SO FAR? 

While I do have some new and exciting ideas and programs I still feel that the old back to the basics training methods work best.  A combination of sales, marketing, psychology, and good old fashioned active prospecting will lead you to your next 6 figure year.   I believe we will get back as much as we are willing to put into this business.  I believe we can and should be treated as professionals.  I belive we can control our own destiny and income.


Trainer with over 20 years of hands on transactional experience in all aspects of residential real estate. Providing Annual, Quarterly, & Regional, Training Events, DVD's, Monthly Interactive Webinars