CJ Thomas (Equity Missouri)

10148F Manchester Rd, 315

Manchester , MO 63021

St Louis real estate agent specializing in distressed home sales, short sales, and lender negotiations. Also founder and CEO of St Louis Nurses Only Program TM.

Get to know CJ Thomas

Being in St Louis, you'll need to know what high school I went to so let's start there.  I'm a Parkway South graduate and made my presence known on the football and wrestling teams.  I went on to graduate from Mizzou with a degree in finance in real estate.  In 2006 I got my real estate license and haven't looked back since.  I got my start within the brokerage of the area's top short sale teacher and have gone on to become one of St Louis's foremost experts on handling distressed sales, short sales, and lender negotiations. 

I love my Cardinals, staying healthy and active, and truly enjoy what I do.  I've studied marketing to the extent that I could have another degree at this point.  Mediocrity has never cut it for me in any of my endeavors.  It's been my mission to become an expert in my field and an invaluable asset to my clients.  If you've got any needs in the real estate realm give me a chance to wow you and you won't be disappointed. 


Behind or about to be behind on your mortgage payments?

Know your options. Defaulting on a mortgage can be a scary deal but you can take back power by getting educated on the topic. Hint: Time is your biggest enemy if facing foreclosure. Contact me ASAP. Click here to get low down

Are You a Nurse?

You're in for a treat. I've got a program designed just for you as my way of saying thank you to one of the most under-appreciated professions in existence. Your selfless efforts have not gone unrecognized. Get the skinny at: St Louis Nurses Only Program

Need to Sell?

I get it. You're not interested in agents and all the stupid acronyms behind their names. What you're really interested is buyers. The average agent fails to find you a buyer in a timely manner because they're doing the same steps as everybody else: List it, hope, and pray.... You need a marketing ninja who can get you in front of as many buyer eyeballs as possible. Let me implement some cutting edge strategies customized to your house and situation. You can thank me later:)

Looking to Buy?

You can find listings anywhere. But finding the perfect deal for you is about strategy, a pertinent team of trustworthy contacts, negotiation skills, and it helps to get that "Wow" experience since buying is supposed to be fun! Start your search with me and I'll help you bypass the common pitfalls, discover your diamond in the rough, and do it all at no cost to you. Click here to search homes like an agent

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