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Karin Christa
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Get to Know Karin Christa

Originally from Chicago I started my real estate career in 1988 and received my brokers license in 1990. Upon relocating to southern California in 1991 I reapplied for my license in 1994.  I started working with a little neighborhood firm which was a good training ground for me.  Over the past 8 years I worked with one of the largest Century 21 firms in Woodland Hills. The owner went out of business this year (2008). At the same time the market philosophy changed from conventional real estate sales to short sales and/or foreclosures. It has become an issue of lender versus borrower, with the actual property being a secondary tool to the transaction. I joined a brokerage firm owned by an attorney - realizing that the knowledge of law in conjunction with real estate had become the primary focus. The real estate language changed in words such as deficiencies, promissory notes, cash contribution, etc. etc. It is no longer about negotiating a price for a property, instead it is now all about negotiating and attesting to hardships, the decline in property values, and the continuing economic threat of recession or worse. It requires much more of today's real estate agent in the form of knowledge, negotiating skills, and keeping abreast with the constant changes in foreclosure and short sale laws.Today's real estate agent must be a negotiator - no longer just a sales person. Over the past few years I have successfully negotiated with Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi Bank, Ocwen, Credit Unions, just to mention a few. I have earned the nickname "Advocate" by associates, clients and other Realtors. My motto is, if the banks have representation and attorneys, why shouldn't the borrowers have someone fight (and it is a fight) in their behalf. As long as a borrower/homeowner has a legitimate hardship, and 90% fall in to that category, I will fight with any and every ammunition legally available to me.


While in Chicago I specialized in Vintage and Brownstones.  California is a totally different market. The emphasis here is in upgrades such as granite and marble, sub zero appliances, wood or tile flooring and landscaping. 100% of my clients are referrals, therefore I have sold condominiums, townhomes, older houses and new construction, estates and cracker boxes. In other words, no job is too small or too large.  Each purchase is a learning experience for me. No two purchases are alike.

If there is one thing I remember from my real estate education it is my teacher telling us "A home purchase is one of the biggest purchases a person makes in his/her life time". 

My expertise and primary strength is that of NEGOTIATING. Be it the price of of a purchase; re-evaluating an appraisal;negotiating the waiver of a deficiency demand by a lender; in short "I don't take No for an answer".


Realtor since 1988 - short sales and foreclosure prevention are my speciality. Ferocious Negotiator with Lenders nationwide.