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  Virtual tour provider who's a little BRIT different!   Do you need a warm, friendly believable voice for your next project?

Growing up in the cold, wet and sometimes miserable north of England I find myself a million miles away from black pudding, a decent curry, hand-pulled ale, my beloved Bolton Wanderers and my in-laws :)

Having said that, I wouldn't change my life for all the tea in China. Florida on the Gulf coast is an amazing place. For the kids and adults alike, it's full of wonder and amazement. The opportunity to be outdoors presents so many different activities, from baseball and soccer, to beach time and bar-b-q's... The opportunity for taking some high end virtual tours whilst the sun shines is amazing too!


The Florida Eye Tours Difference

Launched in early 2006, Florida Eye Tours is on the map and remains a major supplier of virtual media in Manatee and Sarasota counties. Utilizing the power and technology supplied by Real Tour Vision, Florida Eye Tours is on the cutting edge of an evolving industry that continues to re-invent itself at every turn. There are so many reasons that make us stand out from the competition. We provide top quality virtual tours, 3-D walkthroughs, 2 and 3-D floor plans, pano-riders, downloadable flyer's, unique voice content, two years hosting, all your info in one place and so much more! We are not just another virtual tour supplier, we are your one stop virtual tour solution!


Check List for a Virtual World   Make sure your virtual tour supplier boasts the following:   A customized banner, created specifically for you. All your contact information featured in one place as part of the virtual tour. Your photo as part of the tour window, which builds credibility. A virtual tour Gallery connecting all your other toured listings. A very powerful marketing advantage! Links within the tour window directly to your web site and email. Professionally voiced premium audio, with our without music. A slide show featuring high resolution still images. Video button that can be linked to external embedded video. Email button so viewers can send the tour to family and friends. Favorites button to add the tour to favorites section of web browser. An Auto Flyer Generator System. Area information can be accessed right from the tour, including city and schools. Access to satellite and map views from the tour window. The ability to add your marketing partners banners to the tour window. Generate income! Detailed MLS information visible on the tour window. Crisp and glossy images, no window washout. Customizable 'HotSpots." "Spinfo" allowing you to add a text description to any scene in the tour. Customizable skin colors so the tour window can be further branded. Super Duper hit and stat tracker with weekly reports emailed direct to you! More features and new innovations added continuously... Florida Eye Tours is not looking to conquer the world, we do have Full Service Dealers in 26 countries, so maybe someone is though! We will always welcome new clients and introduce you to our upbeat and unique style of customer care. We consider you to be number one and we will always perform to the best of our ability. We have what we consider to be the best product out there, the best and greatest support team on the planet and we are excited to share, have vision for the future and will always, always be ready to impress your new or existing client!   Chris...   

Virtual tour provider producing low cost, high end virtual tours for Real Estate professionals and commercial business owners. Florida Eye Tours is a fast, local and reliable service for you!