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Charlie Rizzo
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Get to Know Charlie Rizzo

Hi my name is Charlie (Charlene) with the PerDare Group out of Boston, MA. We specialize in the acquistion and sale of REOs, Non-performing and performing notes, CMOs, commercial and bulk real estate. I am here to meet like-minded indivduals who like to network their products and make money in a respectful manner.

Before PerDare I worked for Fidelity Investments as a Division Manager where I won the Investment Manager of the year award for the East Coast Division 5 years in a row. I am happy to bring my knowledge and expertise of Fidelity and an MBA at Boston College to my new position with PerDare and look forward to many years of success!


The PerDare Group focuses its investment strategies on the acquisition of high potential real estate in the United States as well as developing countries; our investors will realize a high return on investment in a manageable time frame.

It is through the acquisition of undervalued or high potential real estate (typically with a bank or government guarantee) in these countries and maximizing the cash flow of this real estate, that allows us to channel the profits into a tax deferred or tax free status. This program will improve the standard of living for those individuals who may not have previously planned for their retirement or future needs.


401 Boylston Boston, MA