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We are 'Turning Homes into Real Estate Gems' from Brantford to Burlington and beyond with our professional Real Estate Staging Consultations.

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Listen Up, Agents and Home Sellers!

Did you know that only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a home?  

That means 90% of your buyers actually need to see the home displayed in its best condition before they can even imagine themselves living there.


Today is your lucky day because you've come to the right place! Sapphire Stagers are experts at turning ordinary homes into extraordinary Real Estate Gems. Our job is our passion and it shows in every home that we stage!










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By preparing your listing before it goes on the market, you will be saving yourself precious time and money. Statistics show that staged houses sell much faster than their unstaged competition and usually for more money. For Agents, that translates to less money spent on marketing and more commission, while the home seller retains a higher profit and a lot less stress. Most homeowners understand just how difficult it is to keep your house in 'show condition' at all times - especially if you have children living there. Home Staging usually shortens this time period considerably.


There is nothing more exciting than taking a house that has been on the market for over 9 months, staging it, and then having it sell in less than 2 weeks. This is the case of the vacant shown above.






Sapphire Staging specializes in transforming owner-occupied properties. Whether it's Staging for selling, Redesign for living, holiday or special occasions we provide the homeowner with comprehensive consultations and guidance as they proceed with the work.

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SAPPHIRE STAGING CONSULTATION (approx. 2 hours | $175.00): For homeowners who prefer a personal approach to resolving their staging uncertainties. Our Sapphire Consultant will do a walk-through inspection of your house to evaluate it's market appeal. You will be provided with a complete list of recommendations and low-cost solutions that, once completed, will enhance your chances of selling quickly. A quote for showcasing will be provided if requested before or during the consultation.

'WALK & TALK' VERBAL CONSULTATION (1 - 2 hours | $145.00):    If you know that you are going to do the staging work yourself and just need some expert advice regarding what exactly needs to be done to properly prepare you house for sale, this is a perfect option for you. We will tour the house together, discussing the needs and solutions. It is recommended that you take notes to use as your guide.

Ideal for homeowners who want professional guidance and advice but would like to do the actual staging themselves. For Real Estate Agents who want to provide their clients with professional and valuable staging recommendations and advice before listing the property.

FINISHING TOUCH/SHOWCASING:  This is the the crucial step that will really help the buyer to emotionally connect to the house, through strategic furniture placement, art, lighting, and accessories. We use as much of your existing furnishings as possible. Additional accessories required to enhance the space and create the look that buyers want, may be rented on a monthly basis, making this a low cost, high impact method of achieving your goals, quickly and efficiently.

SHOPPING for you, with you. Picking out just the right pieces for decorating your home can be a bit overwhelming.  We are professional shoppers for interior decorating projects and we can help you.


Sapphire Staging - Making your home the 'Gem of the Real Estate Market'.

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