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Claudia Torres
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I am a wholesale investor & I'm interested in buying single family properties & commercial appartments in Southern California preferrably at a discounted price. I have private money & looking to network with sellers.

If I don't keep the properties I do have a network of investors who will buy the properties. We technically take about 14 days total or less to finalize the cash or hardmoney transactions. We have to make a percentage profit margin ARV (After Repair Value).

Probate properties also interest me, if you need to get your property sold right away and need cash or private money, I can work with you. There is always several ways we can take down the transaction, it just depends on what you want to get out of it. I am fair and make it a win win transaction.

We also provide training on how to buy and sell, we offer mentorship (spots are limited) and we can help with help you transact on several properties at a time not just one.

I look forward to working with you, please feel free to email me or call me. Thank you.


We specialize in buying and wholesale single family properties that includes multi-family units. We also started to purchase commercial properties as well. We use our own private funding. We work with probate (estate ) sales, short-sales, REOs, sell by owner, foreclosures, and lease option programs.  We mainly purchase properties that are 350,000.00 for single family properties and with commercial is case by case basis. For Commercial we purchase appartment buildings and office building mainly. We like to purchase in the Southern California Area for the most part but we are not limited to purchasing where there is a good deal. Since we developed a relationship with over 600 cash buyer investors we can always offer the property(ies) to them.  We are able to to save the seller time, stress, and thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by simply buying their houses at a reasonable investor discount. We can also help by taking over thier monthly payments so that they are free to move on with their lives without the hassle of a mortgage payment they don't want to make. We are the perfection option for many people.


I'm a wholesale investor & I'm interested in buying single family properties & commercial in Southern California preferrably at a discounted price.