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Nova Scotia offers incredible natural beauty. Nowhere is it more evident than on the South Shore of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. You can search Homes For Sale on the South Shore of Nova Scotia Here.

Lakes abound (about 3000 of them), and cottage living is popular. Most people live along the tremendous ocean coastline. There over 3800 coastal islands. It is an environment made for boating and has a rich sailing history. At any place in the province you are never more than an hour from the ocean. There are mountains for skiing and lush, fertile valleys. The South Shore of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. has incredible history, fabulous beaches and affordable real estate opportunities.

The province is home to under one million people. Metropolitan Halifax is just a few minutes from Robert Stanfield International Airport. It is the capital and the only city. Halifax is a year round open port and a hub for ocean going transportation. The province has many universities and colleges, several of them in Halifax.

The South Shore of Nova Scotia has the mildest Canadian climate, except for the lower mainland of BC. It is one of the most desireable areas to live, in the world. There is an abundance of oceanfront, lakefront and riverfront. There are gorgeous views in nearly every neighbourhood. Beaches are plentiful. Breathtaking properties are still available and affordable. There is a sense of community, people are friendly. You know who your neighbours are on the South Shore Lunenburg County Nova Scotia..

Many people from Europe, the US and other parts of Canada live here part time. Some of us are fortunate enough to live here full time. Our neighbours are doctors, lawyers, accomplished artists and musicians, teachers, ship builders, artisans, fishermen, business owners, military, investment bankers and retirees. The list goes on and on. They love their homes and property, on the South Shore of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

There are many unique communities. LaHave has been inhabited by Europeans for four hundred years. There is a lovely community museum on the site on the South Shore Lunenburg County Nova Scotia. It is run, largely, by volunteers. Crescent and Rissers Beaches are close by, as is Petite Riviere, which was set up as a farming community in 1632. Lunenburg with it's rich fishing history is a UNESCO certified World Heritage Site. Chester is a popular sailing town with an 18 hole golf course. Mahone Bay has a beautiful harbour, three famous churches and wonderful shops.

I've lived in other regions of Canada and have traveled extensively in the US and parts of Europe and Scandinavia. The South Shore of Lunenburg County Nova Scotia is making progress. Many worked hard to make the Nova Scotia has an unrivaled abundance of natural beauty, a rich and diverse history and cultural experiences galore. There's no place like it. Why would you want to live anywhere else?


There is something for everyone in the Lunenburg County real estate market. Affordable homes can be found. Attractive deals can be negotiated. Whether you are looking for a cottage, a starter home or a home to retire to, the South Shore has something for you. The opportunities range from fixer upper to quality family homes to fabulous luxury properties. View properties are abundant, beaches are close by, chances are you'll find something that takes your breath away.

If you want to relocate to the South Shore of Nova Scotia or want to relocate within Lunenburg County, choose Donna Malone as your Real Estate Expert. Why choose Donna as your Realtor? She really listens to you. She has advanced customer service skills and wants you to get what you want. Donna uses conventional as well as the latest internet marketing tools to expose your property to the widest possible range of qualified buyers. Donna is very creative and will work tirelessly on your behalf. Donna has a keen ability to overcome obstacles and objections; this makes her an effective negotiator. You'll want Donna on YOUR side when it comes to negotiating "The Deal". Homes for sale in Nova Scotia


South Shore Lunenburg County Nova Scotia. Let me be your partner in real estate. Together we will find the right home for you and the right buyer for your property. I will help you get what you want.