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Get to Know Shawn Red Whitaker

I started my first company, lawn service, at age 12 and at age 13 I had 2 employees & 3 lawn mowers. Paid cash for my first car at 14 and my own apartment at 16 with my best friend. After graduation I joined the light infantry in the US Army and served my country from 1988 - 1994. I learned that sacrifice and service would be the key to my success in the civilian world. I tried a rental car sales job when I first got out and then learned that after 6 years of hurry up & wait I would be better off going back to being an entrepreneur. So I started an entertainment / production brokering service in Southern Oregon and after 10 years I sold the company to become a Realtor for one reason. "To Increase The Level Of Customer Service In The Real Estate Industry in Southern Oregon".

My 1st 6 months was trial by fire because I decided to pursue FSBO's (For sale By Owners) for my listing prospects because my Broker told me they where the hardest listings to get. To increase my work load I started to dedicate 50% of my time on Out-of-town buyers because many  of For Sale By Owners I had spoken to told me the reason they're a FSBO is because of a bad buying experience, with a real estate agent, when they moved to the area.

With my past experience, being a Realtor came naturally and by the end of my 1st year I was ranked #42 out of 1000 agents. What got me there is a simple philosophy I created as my job description, I FIND, NEGOTIATE, PROTECT & CLOSE while treating the client the way I would expect to be treated.

Why should a Buyer, Seller or Realtor want to work with Broker Red?What sets me apart from the majority and the advantage for anyone to have me on their team is my degree from HK. The certificate and 40+ year degree of the School of Hard Knocks has taught me that quitting is not an option and to use all resources that are moral and ethical to get the job done. I am in the Real Estate businesses full time and the clock only stops when I'm spending quality time with family. I do recommend contacting at least 3 different agents to see which one you feel will give your the service you're looking for. I look forward to that initial phone call.


Helping Buyers;FIND property that fits their criteria within the time they wantNEGOTIATE the best deal by creating a solid offering packet with a pro-active presentation style.PROTECT the client by always having an EXIT strategy if the purchase may cause a negative effect CLOSE the deal by staying in communication with all parties; Seller/Agent, Lender, Title etc. involved all the way to handing the keys to my client and having the moving truck ready for their move.

Helping Homeowner Stop or Avoid ForeclosureOne of my Hard Knocks lessons was having my own home get foreclosed upon after an investor said he would buy it though a short sale & back out 6 days prior to auction. Homeowners have rights and most investors out in the pre-foreclosure market place are not offering a way to SAVE the home. I currently have helped 100's of owners save their home and owners stop the foreclosure.

If you're a home owner reading this or know of someone tell them DO NOT SIGN ANY PAPERWORK or AGREEMENTS with anyone until you give me a call. Everyone's situation is different and I still have been able to come up with a positive solution to get the matter resolved ASAP. I'll be glad to through some of the options over the phone or in person. With my past & current experience I CAN STOP FORECLOSURES all it takes is for you to give me a call.


We're dedicated to helping Local and Relocation buyers get the best deal possible when purchasing property. With our solid offering packet and creative presentation style we get phenomenal results!