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Barry Mathis "Broker Barry" has a decade of experience in the local Real Estate Market.

As an active Broker who is personlly involved in the current market , he brings a unique perspective to his advice and his actions.  Barry has ridden the wave of Real Estate from the lows to the highs and back to the lows. His experience as a senior member of a high volume sales team and later as the owner/broker of an Intero Franchise has given him a view into thousands of transactions. Having personal completed nearly two hundred transactions with a sales volume approaching $50 Million , Barry knows what it takes to get it done in Real Estate. Barry has invested in both commercial and residential Real Estate , sometimes for a quick flip and also for longer term buy and hold positions. He is a Certified Distressed Property Expert. His personal involvement as a principle investor gives him a unique perspective on investments handled for others in a stewardship role as a Manager. Barry is currently the Operating Partner and Broker of Record for one of the fastest growing Property Management Companies in Northern California. With a strong personal belief that all Real Estate should be working and making profits for its owners, He ensures that his focus stays on filing each unit rapidly no matter what its size.This focus on what the Clients true need is working. The company is experiencing rapid growth in it's Units Under Management and enjoys a vacancy rate that is consistently below the local industry standard.

 A former Sailor, Barry and his longsuffering wife and two great boys , and have enjoyed the relative stability and calm waters of Roseville and the South Placer Area for over 10 years. Anita hails from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and is just about getting used to the brown hillsides of California , but still misses the ocean. Andrew, who is 9 ,wants to be a policeman when he grows up and loves to play anything with a ball involved. Garry is 12 and plays tennis and wants to be an engineer or a scientist.  They feel blessed to enjoy the benefits of living in a great community among great friends and marvelous comrades


Why not manage your own property?      

After all who knows your property better than you? I mean, you have shown it to enough strangers to where you are not sure if you are a landlord or a doorman. You have handled every late night call on the toilet handle that won't flush or the dog that won't stop barking. Really what is a Professional Property Manager going to do for you, besides, take your money? I mean even if it is only a small %, surely you can throw an ad on Craigslist. That should be as good as high quality photos, an HTML ad posted to its own page and then syndicated to a dozen major sites. You may not get dozens of calls daily from other collateral properties or have access to a network of hundreds of Agents, but all those potential tenants that need screening would probably overload you at your day job anyway. You have that friend at the DMV who can run a full background check(at least you will know if they are good drivers). Your cousin was a paralegal and should remember how to fill out a lease, so that when your tenant forgets to pay for a few months, you can get an eviction the second or third time around. When it is all said and done, you have a 50/ 50 shot of success and as an added bonus, you will be able to say "you did it yourself". Or ... You could call us today and see what we do for our clients (many of whom are Real Estate Professionals themselves) to maintain& increase their ROI.




We believe that the effective management of Income Producing properties is a predictable and repeatable path to Wealth for Life. We are commited to taking others with us.