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Ahwatukee Homes

Money Magazine recognizes Ahwatukee as one of “the great place to live around Phoenix.” It’s not just another neighborhood.

The South Mountain Preserve surrounds Ahwatukee Homes. This preserve is often referred to as “the foothills,” and is home to “some of the best mountain biking in the Nation.” Ahwatukee homes can be found snuggled into canyons or sitting atop rocky outcroppings in and around the foothills. These foothills are home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Mountain bike and hiking paths crisscross the landscape but in no way detract from the exquisite beauty viewed from the backyards of numerous Ahwatukee homes. Whether you’re looking for and Ahwatukee home in the $100’s or an Ahwatukee estate in the millions, this fabulous community won’t let you down.

Ahwatukee living is unique. Everything is at your fingertips, no need to drive great distances getting to that favorite restaurant or shop. In fact, Ahwatukee homes are often webbed in and around the upscale retail centers found throughout the foothills. But don’t think for a moment that such proximity is at the expense of privacy. Planned communities such as Club West and Mountain Park Ranch enjoy the best that an Ahwatukee home has to offer while continuing to provide beauty and privacy.

Social experiences are a great part of Ahwatukee life. Ahwatukee homes, like other homes throughout the valley, vary in design, style and size; however, there is one key difference. Ahwatukee homes make up communities that communicate. This tight-nit community is a social Mecca. Whether at local coffee shops, in friendly neighborhood restaurants or from home to home, people talk. They care about their community and the home they’ve created in Ahwatukee. Social experiences can be had and enjoyed in local churches, clubs or community centers. An Ahwatukee home is an integral element to a complete life experience. Clearly, a positive aspect of owning a home should be the fringe benefits such as social life and comfortable surroundings. Owning an Ahwatukee home is more than a good financial decision; it can be a good life decision.

Ahwatukee Specialist

• Knowing and selling your neighborhood.

• Mountainside and Mountain Park Ranch real estate specialist.

• South Mountain Re-development proponent.

• Great community connections.

• Know what it means to be a part of your community, not just a resident.

• Selling Ahwatukee homes well under the average number of listing days at 53 days.

• Advertising in Ahwatukee’s best community magazine, Ahwatukee Monthly.

• Offering maximum home exposure through multi-media for all Ahwatukee/Chandler selling clients.

• Also an Ahwatukee resident.

Step 1 How do I get Pre-qualified and what’s the point?

Pre-qualifying is not really qualifying at all. Pre-qualifying is a bank gathering financial information about you, a bank determining weather you might be able to qualify for a particular loan and amount. The bank will want information like gross income, debt and your goals related to home ownership. They will also check your credit to determine what type of a risk you present. If you appear to have what it takes, then the bank will issue “Conditional Loan Approval.” The conditions will be met later. The point is to get you on the track to fully qualifying for a loan. Your agent will deliver the “Conditional Loan Approval”, along with your purchase offer on a home.

Step 2 What is a loan application?

The official loan application is a document that officially compiles all of your financial information into a logical set. This application is then submitted along with your contact to purchase a home and your documented income to the underwriting department of the bank at which you pre-qualified. The underwriting department makes the final decision about weather you’ll get your loan or not.

Step 3 What are my loan docs (documents)?

Loan docs are created after the underwriting department has approved you for the loan. The docs include everything loan-related to your home. They also include tax and deed information. Once prepared, the docs are then sent to the title company.

Step 4 What role does the title company play?

The title company will compile all documents, including the loan docs, applicable to the purchase of your home. They will research the home and make sure that there aren’t any liens against the property. Finally, they’ll call you in to sign all the documents that will commit you to the purchase.

Step 5 What is closing and recording?

This is the best part. Usually a day or two after signing the documents at title they will be sent back to the bank for approval. Once approved, the bank will fund the loan. Once funded, all documents are released to the county recorder to be entered into a database of purchase records, hence the title, recording. The transaction is now closed. All that’s left to be done is to get physical possession of the home, usually done through the delivering of keys by your realtor.

Well, this is the way it’s meant to go in the state of Arizona anyway. Some minor variations are possible.


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