Bob Jablonsky, We are the Tax Specialists for Realtors (Bob Jablonsky & Associates)

I'm an Enrolled Agent who specializes in resolving tax problems with the IRS and other agencies. We also prepare tax returns and provide tax strategies! We specialize in the real estate industry.

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My firm provides Full Service Tax Services.  While providing traditional tax preparation and tax planning services, we have extensive experience in handling tax problems - with the IRS or other governmental agencies.


Our goal is to help you find the best way to resolve your tax problems in both the most economically feasible manner possible while insuring you stay out of trouble.  We know you are in a stressful situation when you come to us and we try hard to not add to that stress.  

If you have tax problems, there is a way out.  We'll help you find the best way to move forward and get on with your life!

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Enrolled Agent (IRS Certification to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service)

Certified Management Accountant


Tax Resolution (Audits and Collection Issues)

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation

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