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I am the CEO of We want to change the way Realtors think about using the Internet to market themselves.

We believe that execution is everything. Without great execution you work harder than you should to accomplish less than you could.

When it comes to the communication part of execution, the key is connecting. Connecting means reaching your audience in ways that make you special - not just different - but different in a way that resonates and draws people to you. It has them wanting to hear more, to see more, to experience what you have to offer. Even if what you offer looks identical to that of your competitors.

Our mission is to create that special connection; that resonance, that unique something that makes your execution exceptional. The way people dream of having it.

If you've tried other presentation tools, you'll instantly recognize that is different in a very good way. We've made the process of creating a stunning Internet commercial simpler than ever before.

Create 30 and 60 Second Commercials In Under 5 Minutes! is widely regarded as the simplest and most user friendly presentation creation tool in existence. Our Show Editor interface is easy to use and gives you instant feedback on your changes, so you spend less time creating a presentation and more time selling. Most users tell us they can create a finished commercial in less than 5 minutes. What will you do with the time savings?

Use Your Own Digital Photos

No waiting to schedule an appointment with a photographer. No special equipment or attachments. Just use any digital camera. will create a dazzling Internet commercial from your own digital photos. Combined with our simple process, you can take photos and have a commercial sent to your client via email in record time.

Edit Commercials Instantly

All changes made to your commercials are instantly available to the Internet viewer. What you see is what the Internet viewer gets. Once you've mad a change, you see that change immediately and so does anyone viewing the presentation over the Internet. Take advantage of the ability to edit headlines in real time by promoting open houses and price changes. gives you the ability to change anything, any time you want.

Being able to respond to the needs of your client and the changes in the market are critical to your success as a realtor. gives you unlimited control over every aspect of your internet marketing presentations. And, our commercials create an emotional impact other tours can't.

Be The Fastest To Market will create a dazzling internet commercial from your own digital photos in minutes. Combined our simple process with your own digital photos to have a live commercial sent to your client via email in record time. There is no waiting. All commercials are live the instant they are created. is widely regarded as the simplest and most user friendly presentation creation tool in existence. Clients demand immediate results. Give it to them.

Build Emotional Impact

Music says things words can't. We've done extensive research on the right combination of sight and sound to create a solutions that leaves viewers saying, "I want to see that home and meet that Realtor." See for yourself!

Instantly Respond To Changes In The Market

All changes made to you Commercial are instantly available to the internet viewer. What you see is what the internet viewer gets. Once you've made a change, you see that change immediately and so does anyone viewing the commercial over the internet. Take advantage of the ability to edit headlines, prices and any other change in real time. gives you the ability to change anything, any time you want.

Even our free trial is unlimited! Create as many test commercials as you want. When you're satisfied we can help you sell more, activate your account and receive all the benefits of

No Limit On Quantity

You may do 100, 1000 or 1,000,000 commercials. We want you to! There is no limit to the number of commercials you may create.

No Limit On Activity Or Links

You may link your commercials anywhere you have permission and you may email your links to whomever you want. All of our commercials come with an MLS/IDX compliant link so you may link them to your MLS with confidence. And, we are a Picture Path Partner with, so we can link your commercials to your listings as well.

No Limit On Creative Uses is perfect for creating listing presentations, but our commercials are not just for listings. Because you can create as many commercials as you want, you can use them in ways you never thought possible. Create neighborhood commercials, commercials that highlight common ammenities in a condo complex, “just moved” Shows for your buyers. Even use them for personal reasons, birthdays, special events, etc. Everywhere you send the links your personal brand goes with them. Click Here To See Some Examples.


From The Corporate site:

Bill has over thirty years experience in management and consulting. He has held positions in industry as CEO, President, Executive Vice President and Vice President-Finance in publicly traded and privately owned mid-size companies. He has been involved in general management, marketing, sales, franchising, manufacturing, distribution and finance.

Bill’s experience and success as a leader and a consultant have included strategic planning, strengthening brands, improving team effectiveness and communication and implementing cultural change.

All of his experience has emphasized the need for effective communication throughout organizations and in the marketplace. His business perspective, bottom line focus and expertise in communication provide vital insight to the creative process and the delivery of practical, effective sales communication tools at Real Estate Shows.

Bill received his BS degree in business from UCLA.


Our company, Real Estate Shows, sells the best Virtual Tour in existence. An annual subscription of $125 lets a user create an unlimited number of shows. In just 5 years we have 40,000 subscribers.