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Bigger Gains International, LLC (formerly BiggerGains, Inc.), was founded in 2004 as a leadership training, coaching, and consulting firm. With his vision, influence, and ability to get results, Kenn Sullivan, has tapped into an effective way to reach any level desired, for anyone, regardless of their background level of knowledge, or experience.

At Bigger Gains, we set out on a mission to find out if success, at any level, was truly duplicatable. With many years as a very successful seasoned business executive, and with his passionate study of psychology, sociology, social-psychology, natural law, and human development, Mr. Sullivan discovered seven simple irrefutable natural laws that anyone can obey to attain success, in any area of their life, inside and outside of the organization. In reality, there is only one way to measure true is freedom. And according to Kenn, "In the end the true measurement of success will be what others have gained from it". Bigger Gains International has a singular mission: To create training and tools that inspire and empower individuals to reach their ever-increasing capabilities. Bigger Gains International is on pace to being established worldwide, as the most recognized and respected method of attaining growth and freedom. The vision...Is to be THE standard in personal development tools and training that individuals use to move from captivity to freedom. Our passion and singular focus is to help individuals within organizations to become passionate about what they are doing with an emphasis on helping other people. Kenn's philosophy is that you will attain success and freedom in direct proportion to the level of what he calls "living outside of yourself". Kenn's unique approach to business marketing, sales, operations, and culture have resulted in a comprehensive and proven methodology that engages individuals and measurably impacts both the spirit and performance of organizations. Results are the focus! From the website: We are a privately held independent company with a deep commitment to maintaining our unique, healthy culture by living our core values, which are: Integrity Accountability Charity Discipline Excellence Courage Knowledge That culture, and the results-driven and authentic way that we show up is one thing that so many clients find distinctive and so appealing about working with our firm.  

Kenn is a seasoned well-accomplished entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive with extensive real estate consulting, investing, and business development experience. His mastery and development of sales funnels, marketing best-practices, and start-up pioneering has helped him lead two multi-million dollar organizations in the past decade. Kenn founded Bigger Gains International, LLC to take his message to the world.

Kenn's expertise lies in marketing (online and offline), sales processes, consumer psychology, sociological research methods, leadership, vision, strategic planning, organization redesign, and people. He has taught other business leaders how to support their businesses in making strategic trade-offs and leading organization design and re-design discussions.

Kenn is a presenter at conferences and the author of Bigger Gains Captivity to Freedom Step-by-Step... a leadership training and personal development system, including a series of audio CDs, workbooks, proprietary investment software, and real estate coaching curriculum, designed to help individuals inside and outside of organizations to overcome captivity and move toward freedom. He is also the developer of the Relative Captivity IndicatorTM (RCI), a personality type indicator. 

Previous to Bigger Gains, Kenn worked for Wells Fargo for more than three years as a top-producing Home Mortgage Consultant.  He received many accolades, and was among the Top Producers nationwide.  During the dot com boom, as one of 86 District Managers nationwide for, Kenn continually led the nation as #1 Top Producer at over 400% of goals and quotas.  As a result of the construction industry technology adaptations and implementation that Kenn led, McGraw Hill invested more than $20 million into  Additionally, he was recognized for the Presidential Scholarship and graduated with High Honors from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in  Sociology, and is a member of the International Honor Society.  He currently resides in the Dallas Texas area with his wife and 5 children.

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Bigger Gains International, LLC (formerly BiggerGains, Inc.), offers leadership training, coaching, and consulting to top real estate agents.