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 Joel approaches each real estate transaction with due diligence.   Having been an agent for 12 years he constantly strives to increase his real estate knowledge.  Joel is serious about real estate.



                                How I did we get here?                    

Years ago, prior to obtaining my real estate license I had a home to sell.  We contacted an agent that we assumed to be knowledgeable.  This person was glad to hear we wanted to sell our home and the agent claimed to have a buyer for the property. We later learned there was not potential buyer.  The property was later placed on the MLS. A day or so later another agent brought a potential buyer who decided to make a "full price offer".  As the process went on we had the appraisal and the house didn't appraise for the asking price. Our agent advised us the only thing we could do was lower our price (approximately $10,000) to allow the buyer to complete the purchase. We later learned we had more options.

 We decided from that point not to let this happen to other people and we began the journey to become Licensed Realtors. Our goal is to make sure that each clients goals are met with ethical results.

Who is Joel Bennett?

Joel is an agressive marketing professional. Joel has over 20 years of experience in the corporate marketing arena.  If it can be sold -Joel can sell it!  Joel ensure each property reaches the proper market demographic by creating a complete marketing plan. Having led several sales forces Joel is a natural at training the Bennett Group Real Estate Team.



Do I need an agent if I am buying a house?

What are the benefits to the buyer?

First, you will have representation during the process. Second, you will have someone that has an expanded well of knowledge about the area. Third, they will work to get your needs met and get you the best possible outcome. Fourth, they will help you meet all the commitments and deadlines. And lastly, you will have someone to answer questions or concerns for you. 

An agent can help you through the whole home buying process. If you are a first time buyer, it is easy to get lost in the paperwork and legalities. An agent can assist you, give you tips, give you opinions, and give you ideas about value, the market, and about price. If you have a dictionary in front of you and you can't remember how to spell a word, are you going to keeping trying yourself? Or are you going to use the book that contains the knowledge? The right agent can make your life simpler. Make sure you take the time to find an agent that works the best with you and for you. 



It's been on your mind for awhile. You've considered every available option and went over every detail. After some time, you come to the decision to sell your home. Now that you've made the decision, what happens next. Do you buy a for sale by owner sign and begin to market your home yourself? Or do you enlist the help of a real estate professional to market your home? 

         There is no clear cut answer that is right for everyone. However, your chances increase when you decide to list with a real estate agent.

         Why? Experience, Exposure, and E-Knowledge. A real estate agent has helped many people sell their homes and have gained more knowledge each time. A great real estate agent will give your home the most exposure possible. Multiple websites and the MLS are only the beginning. E-Knowledge,  is the use of our most powerful tool, the internet. There are so many new ways to get your home out there to millions and millions of people. The more people that see your home, the more likely your home is to sell.    


Our agents serve the entire metropolitian area of Baltimore. We specialize in making the real estate transaction simple and clear cut for our clients. We would love to work with you in the future.