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Bev Boeck
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Get to Know Bev Boeck

Whether it is a home, buying for short term or long, "starter" to luxury/corporate, investment property, breaking out of a foreclosure spiral, bare land, referrals out of state/area, or detailed consultation-I'm here to take care of the details.  Hi, I'm Bev, and I would like you to know a few things about me:  I enjoy working, and take pride in a job well done. My life's experiences seem to have led me to this great place to live and work, and this business is very much a fit with my varied skill set. I empathize with and easily understanding homeowners' motivations, and the relationships are really what I take with me wherever I go!

Have you experienced moving stress? Trying to find qualified, experienced, dedicated people to help with that? What about schools for the kids? "Been there, done that"...Yes, I too am a veteran real estate client, and originally out of a lackluster real estate transaction, I decided to learn more about what had just transpired by getting my real estate license.



Perhaps you are motivated by the desire to up or downsize, or to attain investment dollars; relocate for work, and/or live close to good schools. Whatever your motivation, I will always have that in mind, as well as the ingrained sense that just about every real estate transaction involves a large investment on your part. I will treat that investment-time, money, and so on-as if it were my own. Your personal is my business, so tap into my area and market knowledge, negotiation experience, and home-marketing savvy, and let me help you attain your quality of life goals in real estate.

-Take a few minutes to comment on my blog, it's peppered with real estate morsels, facts, opinions, lessons, listings, and dialogue.  We'll get smart together; no fear in asking the questions, and no fear in getting what you wish for.  We'll talk tips for profit, wealth, and constant positive energy.  --BEV Boeck, Broker, My Idaho Place Real Estate, Inc.