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 B&H Quality Home Inspection Service . With over 37 yrs. of background experience in construction. B&H will do a 18 page State-of-the-Art Inspection report book on your house along with efile and photos This report is given to you on the day of inspection. Our price is based on the square footage of the home. Inspection performed by a NAHI/ASHI professional can provide the common sense information you will need. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investment you will ever make. The more you know about the property you are considering, the easier it will be for you to move forward decisively and comfortably. Your choice of a home inspector should be based on getting the best value, not just on the best price. We service  MD. PA. DC .& VA. out of our Frederick Office.  Making this transition a value to you is important to our success."OUR NAME SAYS IT ALL!" We work for YOU not a realtor or builder.


B&H works in your best interest. We are your one-stop shop for environmential testing.  NAHI, IESO, FBEC  MDE, MD. License 29686. Member of the National Association Of Real Estate Professionals Inc. Certificate Member of PRO-LAB, I had my own Remodeling business for over 30 yrs. and build my home in Deep Creek, Md.  A Membership with National Association Of Home Inspectors Inc. for 15 yrs. Now ASHI 4 yrs. Certified Building Specs Inc. Inspection Systems and The Community College oF Baltimore Country. Was with Buildingspecs Inc. for 2 yrs. known as Building Specs Of Frederick. President for 2 yrs. and Vice-President for 2 yrs. of The Frederick Business Exchange Club. (FBEC) If you want the best person for the job call us today and find out more about our services. You will be glad you did ! For a free estimate  (800.464.7078)  www.buildingspecs.com , www.bandhqualityhomeinspection.vpweb.com


My current awards are...  Building Specs, Bronze Award , New Construction , Pro-Lab, EM LABS mold certificates & Environnmental testing, NAHI/ASHI Awards , Speaker at Anne Arundel Community College "Real Estate Course"  For over 3yrs.  Community College Of Baltimore SEWER & SITE DISPOSAL. Working with Extreme Makeover & This Old House. 


My skills are...  I build my own house in Deep Creek Lake, Md. 

Clint B. Frederick,MD.
Clint B. Frederick, MD 3/9/2018 My entire experience with B&H was outstanding. I initially contacted and interviewed three highly rated local home inspectors, and out of those three, I was most impressed with Harry. Just from speaking to him on the phone, I got a good sense that he was genuine, friendly and would deliver a quality finished product. When I went under contract on my first home, I gave Harry a call back and he was available to conduct the home inspection within two or three days. During the inspection, he took his time to converse and explain his findings as we worked our way through the house. Harry continued to help even after the inspection had concluded, as he offers a lifetime free consultation to answer any additional questions on the properties he inspects. He provided copies of his field notes and the full final report with photos. As anticipated, the quality of everything was excellent. Highly recommended!
David B. New Market,MD
David B. New Market, MD 1/23/2018 Harry seems very knowledgeable about homes and helped us locate problems with our brand new home. Our builder did everything they could to discourage us from getting a home inspection during the build process. Harry took his time and found several issues that should have been fixed during the build process. He found a huge oversight in our fireplaces that the builder missed (running propane in a natural gas fireplace without an adapter) that could have been toxic to our family (carbon monoxide poisoning). He noticed they weren't running properly and documented it. Without that, we probably wouldn't have pressed the vendor to come out and take a look at it or found the issue. If you want someone who will take their time and do a thorough (not perfect as no one is) inspection, Harry is the guy.
Reviews From Clients
7/5/2012 Just had a home inspection done by B & H, specifically by Harry Brown. EXCELLENT service. We're first time home buyers and had no idea how to pick an inspector, we were under a time crunch to get it completed and We found B & H on google. Harry was able to come out the very next day which was awesome! He was timely, professional and let us know right from the beginning he wasn't working for anyone but US as the buyer! The inspection was more than thorough, He made notes of every single issue big or small, He explained every issue to us, even gave us some insight on repair techniques and cost. He took the time to show us how to maintain the house in future and made sure we understood everything we had gone over! Not only was the actual inspection a great experience, but the report he gave us to take home is awesome, a whole note book outlining each and every issue. That has been great to have as a reference to look back on! Overall, just a fantastic review for these guys!! They know what they're doing, the made sure we understood everything fully, they were professional, timely, organized, thorough and priced right! I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone, especially first time home buyers! Thank you B & H for our peace of mind!! -Caitlin Rippey & Danny Wigfield,Frederick MD 10/9/2014 I've been working with Harry for over 10 years now and he is a true professional and an excellent home inspector. He his very thorough and informative to his clients. I would highly recommend him. Christine S.Silver Spring, MD 10/13/2014 Harry did a very thorough home inspection for us. I felt secure that he was working with our best interests in mind and that he carefully checked the entire home for any defects. He is very conscientious and I would recommend his services highly. Sarah D.Ijamsville, MD 10/15/2014 I'm a Realtor and I've referred my buyer clients to Harry Brown for a home inspection over the past 12 years. He's always done a thorough and professional inspection for them and all commemts have always been complementary.I'll continue to recommend him in future years for his outstanding work Ed S.Middletown, MD 10/17/2014 Thank you Harry for your advice on maintaining my home. Although it has a while since you inspected my home I have peace of mind knowing that I can still get your expert assistance. You are a true professional and I recommend you highly to anyone who wants a thorough home inspection. Carol S.Edinburg, VA 5/9/2014 I used Harry Brown as my home inspector when purchasing my home. As a first time home owner I really didn't know what to expect. Mr. Brown walked me through ever step of his inspection and also helped me to learn about maintaining my home. He was very thorough with all aspects of my home. I liked that everything was written down in an easy to follow method which I received immediately following my inspection. Mr.Brown even made recommendations for what I should ask to be repaired prior to my purchase. He found major and minor issues with my home. After going over the report with my Realtor he didn't think it was necessary to ask for the minor issues to be fixed. Since this was a new home and I didn't want to have to handle the minor repairs later, I asked for them to be taken care of as my inspector recommended. Everything was fixed and I was very happy. I highly recommend B&H for anyone who is purchasing a home new or old. Carol S.Edinburg, VA 10/15/2014 Harry, from B&H Quality inspection came to do a lead inspection for a rental property. He was very professional and I got the results on time for my tenant to move in Jean-Louis L.Frederick, MD 10/9/2014 Harry has done home inspections for my clients and family for many years. He has consistently provided a high level of service with a great attention to detail. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse B & H Quality Home Inspections. Tom Jr T.Myrtle Beach, SC 11/27/14 I have had B & H inspect houses for a Investment Firm that I work with and have recommended him to my clients and to my son when buying his home. I honestly don't really trust anyone else when it comes to home inspections. Harry is the most thorough and professional home inspector I have ever hired and worked with. I'll will keep using him in my business for years to come. Tom R. Frederick, MD 12/23/14 About your service. Everything in the report is very straight forward, you did a fantastic job throughout the inspection, and the printed report was a great way for me to show my wife, who was not able to be at the inspection, what you had told me throughout the day. It was all very well organized and this has been a great overall experience and thanks again for your help throughout this process. Have a great holiday Charles H. Frederick, MD 1/5/2015 Harry was beyond and above about doing our home inspection. We are first time home buyers and he made sure to answer all of our questions and concerns. He was very honest about everything we saw in the house. He took an education approach with us and we really appreciated that. He took his time and more to make sure we were pleased with the inspection. He is also very professional and knew how to relate to us and cared for us as people. You can tell he is not just doing his job, but he is caring for you. He is very experienced and organized!! He was timely about getting our report back and gave us a really nice copy for us to keep that same day of the inspection! He was the ONLY inspector out of 5 that I called that knew how to treat a potential client with courtesy and urgency even though he wasn't in his office. You will get a GREAT value for your money!!!!! Thanks Harry!! Andrea&Roberto. Frederick, MD. 2/17/2015 Harry was great, both knowledgeable and thourough, as well as friendly. After doing the inspection with him, I feel like I know my new house much better. He also provided all the tests I needed (except for insects, but he recommended some good companies for that), and he went above and beyond to get the results back to me quickly Katherine D. Frederick, MD. 6/1/2015 Harry was very nice, patient, and knowledgeable at my home inspection. I am a first time home buyer and was not sure what to initially expect, however he explained everything to me as we went along. He also offered some very good advice on how to fix each item, or suggestions to prevent future problems from occurring. I would have never thought about some of the suggestions he was providing, which could have turned into thousands of dollars worth of headaches down the road. He was very professional, and I did not feel as he was rushing or it was just a job to him. I can say Harry truly loves his work, and takes pride in any home that he inspects treating it as his own. I was told at the end of the inspection we would have our official reports with pictures included within 48 hours, and was pleasantly surprised to have everything about 24 hours later. All of the pictures were labeled and coinciding with the report so it was easy to understand. I left the home with a nice binder, that I look at as the diary of my new home. It was all of his notes, suggestions, and his checklist as we went along. It also has some very helpful hints as to help upkeep the home and the routine maintenance I should be preforming. As a first time homebuyer, I was pretty clueless as to any maintenance besides decorating :) I couldn't be happier with the choice I made to select Harry to perform my home inspection, and would encourage anyone to give h

Home Inspections with no surprises during the transaction. This provides a faster more efficient sale. Even the smallest home repair can be costly in today's market. " THIS GIVES YOU PEACE OF MIND"