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It's not just about buying a house... it's about building your future and having some place to call your own.  What better way to do that than with someone who has your back and wants what is best for you.  Someone who will strive to be 100% honest and do what is not just best for his commission check, but will do what is best for you.  Your home is your sanctuary, the place you should look forward to.  The place you look forward going to and unwinding from a hard days work.  You should call me if you want an agent who will not pressure you into a house, but will listen to your needs and try to find a house that best meets your needs.

~Austin Hammond


Specializing in residential area around Arlington.  Very familiar with what is available around the University of Texas at Arlington.  Owner of Blooming Tree Investments LLC, buying run down houses and repair them for rentals.  This requires me to have a good eye for value and how much it will cost to repair houses (please consult a professional contractor for a more accurate estimate). Not only am I highly self-motivated, but it also requires me to be knowledgeable about all aspects of housing.