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Clients first, last and always. It isn't a motto. It's my commitment. Guaranteed service you'll tell your friends about!

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What I think people want in a Realtor are the personal values that make the client the most important person in the relationship.  Values such as:

Loyalty--You can always trust me to do what is in your best interest.

Selfless Service--I'll be responsive to you.  I am NOT a 9-5 agent.

Honesty--The professional relationship we have, not the sale, is of utmost importance to me.

Integrity--Integrity is always my first consideration.  I always play by the rules and you can count on me to be fair and honest with you.  Always!  

Personal Courage--Fighting for you won't always make me popular with others in the business, but you will always be my number one consideration.

After 26 years in the military (US Army) and after serving several years as an Army First Sergeant (informally called "Top"), those values and a determination to help others is a natural way of life.  Let my commitment to people give you the piece of mind you need in all your real estate transactions.

By the way, when considering a Realtor, you'll want to know they're highly qualified.  I'm an Associate Broker and a Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI).  Don't trust your business to someone getting "schooled" at the University of hard knocks at your expense.  

Whether I'm hard at work in my yard, working on my golf game, or relaxing at a Dave Matthews concert, you'll be able to reach me, and I'll be ready to go to work for you. 

Also, if you'd like to join me in fighting cancer through Relay for Life fundraising, or would like to assist me in raising money for Children's Hospitals in the northwest through the John L. Scott Foundation, you don't need to buy or sell a home to do so.  Call me.  I look forward to meeting... everyone!

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I take special pride in the assistance I give to military members and their families.

And I guarantee my service:

•Easy Out Contract Guarantee:  If at any time you're unhappy with the service I provide, we’ll terminate the contract.  It’s that easy.   Home Satisfaction Guarantee:  If  you aren’t 100% satisfied with the home  you purchase through me, I’ll list it without a seller-side commission within 6 months of purchase. •   

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