Get to Know Annie Collyer


Annie transforms neighborhoods … one house at a time.  We solve problems and challenges for sellers, create quality, affordable homes for buyers and renters, and provide abundant wealth opportunities for our investors.

Annie is involved in real estate transactions in Northeastern Massachusetts and Southeastern New Hampshire that solve problems for sellers, that create affordable, quality homes for buyers and renters, that create abundance for ourselves and our partners and investors, and that positively impact  neighborhoods . 

Real estate is in my blood.  My grandfather was an architect and builder and I grew up surrounded by the gracious homes he designed and built-homes that lined the main streets of my childhood home in upstate NY.

I was educated at Cornell and NYU and had my first career on Wall Street where by the age of 22 I catapulted to publishing a stock market trend analysis that was distributed every week to over 600 institutional investors.

Then real estate exerted it magical power over me and I soon transitioned into buying properties to renovate-sometimes extensively- and holding for rental and long-term wealth accumulation.  I progressed into condo conversions and building brand-new construction.

I have been a licensed real estate broker for almost 20 years, and now have my own agency, Sherwood Real Estate of New England. 

Here is a range of what we do at Sherwood:

Ugly houses:  I buy at 65-70% of ARV less repairs- Our mission is to help sellers who are fed up with owning ugly properties by buying those properties fast and with minimum hassle to the seller.

Buying pretty houses on terms- Our mission is to help sellers who are overwhelmed by paying for a house they don’t want anymore by buying it quickly, creatively, and with minimum hassle of the seller, and by fulfilling our promises to the seller even after the sale.

Lease-option pretty houses to owner wannabees:  Our mission is to give serious potential homebuyers a second chance at reaching the American Dream of home ownership by allowing them to live in the home they want to buy today, with the support they need to own it tomorrow.

Shared Rental Housing:  We rent rooms in furnished, completely renovated, safe and attractive single family and small 2-4 family homes.

Sherwood Real Estate of New England is a virtual real estate agency that assists sellers to meet their goals, helps buyers find the home of their dreams, and provides experienced agents with high income opportunities.


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Our Business


We target property to buy in the following areas:


1.      Pre-foreclosure:  We purchase homes directly from the homeowner on a short sale, whereby we negotiate discounted payoffs with the homeowner’s bank, stopping the foreclosure before the property goes to sale.

            2.         Post-foreclosure:  Many times our best deals come from purchasing                                    houses directly from the bank, after the bank has taken the property                                    at the foreclosure auction.  (Commonly known as REO’s, or Real Estate Owned by the bank)

            3.         Distressed Property Owners:  Of the 45,000 homes for sale each year, a substantial proportion is owned by folks who can no longer afford the home, or who do not wish to continue to own.  Approximately 35% have low to no mortgages, and many of the others have or can be refinanced to current low mortgage rates.  We are able to buy with creative seller financing that gives the owner what they want and need and works for lease-option or us to be able to purchase, rehab and resell.  


We purchase properties in various states of repair; some require extensive rehab, while others require only cosmetic repairs.  In general, the distressed homes yield the highest profit, primarily because we are able to purchase them at such sizable discounts.  By rehabbing the homes and bringing them up to desirable market standards, we are then able to rent or resell the homes for full retail value. 



Our Exit Strategies Include:


1.   Retailing:  After the home is completely renovated, we list it and sell the property to new homeowners.

2.   Rentals and Lease Options:  Rentals and lease options are a preferred investment strategy, simply because of the tremendous appreciation just from holding the properties.  Our rentals and lease options include

            a.   Multi-Family Units

            b.   Single-Family Lease-Options 

            c.   Shared Rental Housing

 3.      Wholesaling:  Properties that do not fit our portfolio, we make available to other investors through our networks of real estate investing groups.




Real Estate Investor specializes in redeveloping financially and/or physically distressed properties, and reintroduces them as safe, affordable, and attractive residences to new homeowners and tenants