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Al Melvin
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I have strong ties to the aviation community, with great interest in commercial aviation, having spent most of my life in and around helicopter operations.  I am a Commercial Rotorcraft Pilot with 10,000 hrs of flight experience.

As a Realtor, I specialize in golf course residential properties, particularly those associated with Tanglewood Golf and Country Club in Santa Rosa County, Fl.  I offer intense personalized service, tailored to the needs of individual buyers and sellers. 

Prior to becoming a Realtor, most of my experiences with other real estate salespeople were very negative.  I frequently found myself doing the salesperson's job, taking care of the myriad details that allowed for successful closings.  More often than not, I felt like I was being used more as a source of income, rather than being served. 

I joined this industry with the intent of making a decent living by offering a higher-quality level of service to my clients.  I always understood that the client's investment in his home is no less important and valuable than the stake I have in my own home.  I know that it is a resource that deserves to be treated with as much, or more integrity and attention to detail as a major medical procedure, and that the loss, or mishandling of that resource can irrepairably shatter lives.  I protect my clients' interests and resources as I would my own. 

I've experienced reasonable success in my endeavors, working with many satisfied clients who make it possible for me to work primarily with referrals.  I believe that in the buying or selling a home, to achieve the greatest possible value for the client, far-above-average, professional performance is required of a Realtor.  That is the minimum acceptable standard to which I subscribe.

I am not in this business to make a quick buck; and I do not work with buyers or sellers who are.


I work with both buyers and sellers of median-priced residential properties.  I assist my buyer clients in obtaining financing approval.  To protect the interests of my seller clients, I do not accept or present offers to purchase from buyers who are not pre-approved for financing.

I work with a small number of trusted vendors to provide my clients a wide range of buyer and seller services, including home financing, home repair and remodeling, surveying, title and closing services, lawn, landscape and tree services, well and irrigation services, and home cleaning.


Personalized service that will always exceed your expectations.