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Christopher Baczewski
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Get to Know Christopher Baczewski


 Chris Baczewski is a senior inspector at Sherlock Home Inspectors.  He has worked in the home inspection field for over eighteen years and performed over 3,500 inspections. These inspections include every type of residential dwelling, from small studio condominiums to large multi family buildings. The age of these homes ranges from over 200 years old on up to new construction. 

   Chris is currently licensed for home inspection in the States of New Jersey and New York.  Having spent 20 years in construction, demolition and excavation he brings a wealth of practical experience to the job. His professional training includes 250 hours of classroom and in field training at the AHI Institute for home inspection and over 200 hours of classroom time at the New Jersey State approved Home Inspection School.

"One of the reasons I decided to become a home inspector was to give my clients the honest information and integrity that they deserve. By the time the homeowner calls for an inspection they've been bombarded with all kinds of information from all kinds of sources. They have contacted the realtor, mortgage company, attorneys and their uncle or cousin who knows how to do this, that or the other thing. I feel it's my job to help put them at ease, give them the information that they need in order to make an informed purchase. It's not all about the bad parts of the house; it's also about the good."

Chris's current credentials include the following:

New Jersey Home Inspector License #24GI00035900

New York Home Inspector License #16000008705

N.J. Pesticide Applicators License for W.D.O. #25508B

N.J. Radon Measurement Technicians License #MET11173

American Society of Home Inspectors Member #212674

 "For me it's about providing the highest quality of service to my clients, and the great thing about the job is giving that to the homebuyer. At the end of the day when I look back at how I may have helped a homebuyer or seller it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction at a job well done. That's what makes the whole experience so enjoyable for me and my clients."


NJHI License 24GI00035900 NYHI License 16000008705 NJ Pesticide Applicators License 25508B NJ Radon Measurement Technicians License MET11173 American Society of Home Inspectors Certified Inspector 212674 Homes from historic to modern


Serving Northern and Central New Jersey. NJ Home Inspector Lic# GI35900. NYHI Lic 16000008705. Dedicated to my craft, Devoted to my clients.