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Brad McDaniel
Entrepreneur at heart!
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I have worked in or around the real estate industry since I was 12 years old holding open homes for my Dad's real estate team. Since then I have worked in commercial brokerage, land acquisitions, residential mortgage, and then moved to the product/tech side when I co-founded After I was asked to move up to Seattle and join Market Leader.

Market Leader has been an outstanding company to work for and I have been given many great opportunities to lead teams to develop powerful and game changing products for our users. I have been working on ActiveRain since around May 2013 and while here have driven the changes that have been implemented across the site.


I look forward to making continued positive progress updating and improving ActiveRain, so it remains the original, largest, & best real estate social network and blogging platform!

Trulia & Market Leader... Welcome!

Excited to be a part of this!


ScrumMaster - Scrum Alliance

SEO Practitioner - Market Motive

Licensed Realtor in California (not currently active)




Patent: United States 8583562

Issued 11/12/13

Title: Predicting real estate and other transactions

Abstract: A technique for estimating the relative likelihood that specific parcels or groups thereof will sell within a selected time, possibly including such steps as: Responsive to location of each parcel with respect to other parcels that have recently sold, including receiving a 1st kind of information, associated with sales in a neighborhood for each parcel being examined, including a set of attributes. Deriving additional attributes for each parcel based on its attributes and others near it. Determining independently for each neighborhood which of those attributes are more important for estimating relative likelihood of sale. Determining a degree of similarity between each unsold parcel and each recently-sold parcel, in response to those sets of attributes, weighted in response to relative importance. Providing a 2nd kind of information, ordering parcels by a relative likelihood of sale within a selected time.

David Mosby
Brad is very smart, focused, and a thorough professional that continuously looks out for opportunities to contribute to current business development objectives while considering the strategic implications of current actions. His deep seated sense of curiousity, willingness to stretch to learn combined with his concern for the welfare of others and demonstrated self-direction make him an ideal team player.

A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one. - Henry Ford