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The goal of our site, is to help get America back on trrack one homeowner at a time.

We are NOT real estate agents or brokers, we are investors who could not find a website with all of the features we wanted in a site, so we built it!

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We offer:

FREE property listings for sellers! post your property and it will be sent within one hour to registered invetors who's investment criteria match your property.  This means that better qualified prospective buyers will be contacting you.  Buyers with the cash to close a deal quickly.

FREE property leads for investors/buyers. Log on and set up as many search criteria as you want.  Properties listed on the site, that mathc your specific targeted criteria will be emailed to you within an hour so you can act on them.  The best deals only last 24 hours, log on an you can have a 23 hour head start!

We fix credit scores. I you are stuck because of a lousy credit score or you are working with cleints who are stuck, we can help.  Our credit restoration service has an 88% success rate in helping cleints improve their credit scores typically 45-90 points in about 90 days.  The service also has a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. We are currently looking for agents to refer clients or we can help you create a new profit center for your practice.

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Real Estate Services and Credit Repair.


We also have partners who can help you secure investor financing for your deals.



FREE property listings for sellers! FREE property leads for investors/buyers. We fix credit scores.