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Company: Jan Berkel
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SMS Backup+ is a free mobile device app that backs up all text messages from your mobile device to your an IMAP email server (Gmail by default). Did your mobile device die or did you purchase a new one? You can restore your text messages from your Gmail account back to the phone!

This is a FREE, very simple "set it and forget it" program available for the Android platform. Download it from the Play Store and install on your mobile device. Connect it to your email account and then tell it how often you want it to back up your text messages. I set mine to back up every hour because I have hundreds of owners and renters and receive a lot of text messages.

The text messages are sent to my email account. Each email includes the sender's contact information, to include their name and phone number from Caller ID. If they have Caller ID blocked, it still gets emailed to me but without the contact information.

If the sender is a contact in my mobile device, the email backup will be labeled as "SMS CALLER NAME". If they are not a contact, it will be labeled "SMS +(phone number)". My email is set up to mark each text message as "read" and then puts it in my archive. I have thousands of text messages stored but they are never in the way. If I ever want to recall a message, I simply go to my email account and search for the text message by name, phone number, or key words in the content of the text message.

This is one of the simplest programs to set up and has served me well. As more and more clients rely on text messaging, it's important for us to retain copies of these messages for our records. I recently had a complaint filed against me and the only thing that saved my bacon is the hundreds of text messages from the owner that prove I followed her instructions to the letter.
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Praful Thakkar, Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale (LAER Realty Partners)
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Once upon a time, saving an email itself was a nightmare! As time passed, with the advancement of th... more

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From their website: "This is a fork of the Android backup tool SMS Backup, where development has st... more

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