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Great pictures are worth the price! (by bccloutier)
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I have a former business associate who is now a full-time luxury property photographer in my market -- RL Caron Photographic Services in Naples, Florida. I've made him an attractive offer -- in return for which our team listings get first priority. We pay for the photos and for the staging...period. Doing so attracts quality listings owned by motivated buyers. We have the same kind of an arrangement with a stager. The fact that I can assure potential sellers top quality photos of their professionally-staged home -- and to have the listing up within a couple of days -- has been the determining factor in many of my exclusive listings. Not surprisingly, bright, sharp photos of a crisply staged home bring traffic -- reinforcing the seller's decision to sign on with The BC Team. This is all so simple even the proverbial caveman gets it. Fortunately, most of our competitors do not!
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