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Clever Investor Mentoring Program (by samuel_jones)
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Mentoring program will be used to help our business get off the ground that we can start buying and selling real estate properties. Pros-Price- My business partner and I have spent lots of money in the past without getting a one on one mentor. If we needed one in which we did, it would have cost us at least another $20,000. The cost that Clever Investor offered is more than reasonable and they worked with us and we did not have to pay all at once. Pros-Staff-We cannot find the words to express the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Clever Investors. We are very please! Pro-Service-Clever Investor has provided us with excellent service thus far and even though we no longer have a one on one mentor, my mentor and the other staff at Clever Investor is still available for us. Con-Which we had a little more time with our mentor Andrew Massoro, who was really great to work with. He held us accountable for our assignments and that kept us on our toes. Thanks Andrew! We would 100% recommend Clever Investor-No we are not a paid or non-paid spoke persons for Clever Investors. We are two sisters from NYC trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents and we are on our way to doing Clever Investors help!!! Thanks!
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