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Please Note: This is NOT a wordless Group. Welcome to the ActiveRain Photo Blogger Group. We have 2 rules that must be adhered to: 1. A minimum of 50 words used to describe the story within the photo. NOT to include the signature or personal information. *ActiveRain has a requirement for its posts that receive points toward a members standing that it contain no less than 50 words along with any photo, video or slide show. The PBG adheres to this Policy. 2. All photos used for post must be your own unless it is a photo of you. Goals for this group would include: *To share resources that would help present our photos in their best presentation form. *Present your own unique photos that inspire, images that inform, images that excite ,images that would enhance our cities and communities by telling a story and in positive ways contribute to the enjoyment and enlightenment of our respective readers. You are encouraged to add your brand, name or copyright markings to all of your photos. * The type of photos that are not suitable would include, obscene, offensive, or photos that would depict personages in any manner deemed derogatory. Those posts will be deleted from this group.


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