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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Greg Black
             I’m just starting out in real estate. I’m actually still in school. And full disclosure this post is part of an assignment. I want to take a minute to talk about integrity. The US Army defines integrity as “a quality you develop by adhering to moral principles. It requires that you do and say nothing that deceives others. As your integrity grows, so does the trust others place in you.”  Which means basically to be honest. I think everyone is different in terms of beliefs and values. I define integrity as adhering to the values that you hold dear. What matters to you? What do you truly see as your values? For most honesty would be included in that. It is for me.             One practice I try to do, an admittedly struggle with is to ask my self before taking an action, “is t...
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By Alex Monsen
Starting Real Estate Agent courses I was prepared to learn about policies, procedures, etc.; but didn't realize I'd spend hours going over ethics.  Can I say I'm relieved?  A legit code of ethics.  I feel EVERY occupation should have such a thing.  
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By Nermeen Ghneim, Banking and Personal Finance Blogger
A larger house has several advantages, including more space for your family, more room for entertaining, and the chance to designate specific areas as an office. However, the decision to purchase a bigger home should not be taken lightly, as bigger houses cost significantly more to purchase and maintain. If you are considering purchasing a larger property, below are a few signs that indicate it is time to do so: You Don't Have Enough Storage Space Mounds of clothing on furniture and floors, books everywhere, and kitchen appliances and other items cluttering up your kitchen are indications that you need more space. Not only does clutter hinder movement, but it can also leave you feeling stressed and prove to be a fire hazard. There is also the risk of attracting vermin such as rats and c...
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By Gregory Richman, Professional, experienced real estate brokerage
(Tierra Antigua)
The greater Tucson, Arizona area has been experiencing phenomenal growth.  It's a very dynamic area and a very pretty setting.  Real Estate has proven over and over throughout the years to be a great investment.  Tucson's real estate market as well as it's surrounding suburban real estate market offers buyers and investors alike great opportunities.Tucson, Arizona, and its surrounding areas enjoy relatively reasonable priced real estate.  In general, housing can be found priced from $70/sq/ft up to about $500/sq/ft.  One can reasonably expect to find a great home under $200/sq/ft.  One's dollars go far here!  Consistent appreciation in all areas of the city is being enjoyed and capitalized on.  Our fantastic weather year-round makes Tucson a great place to live or enjoy a second home.  ...
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By Nick Johnson, Residential, Investment, Commercial since 2004
(Coldwell Banker | Sunset Office)
7-Unit Building 553 29th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94121 GREAT POTENTIAL WITH 4 VACANT UNITS Coldwell Banker Commercial is pleased to present the opportunity to acquire 553 29th Avenue, San Francisco, a 7-unit building located one half block from Geary Blvd in the sought after Central Richmond District of San Francisco. Built in 1966, this asset consists of Five (5), 2-Bedroom, 1 Bath units and Two (2), 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath units. All units have wall heaters and separate gas and electric meters. Some units have spectacular Golden Gate Bridge and water views. 4 units are vacant. This is a value-add opportunity for investors looking to add value through renovation and potential ADU.Probate Sale:  Contact Listing Agent for more information.  For offering memorandum email nick.johnson415@gmail...
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By David Somerville, Don't Worry, Be Squirrely!
There are many differences between homes in northern and southern climates and one of them is how folks in the South like to cook. I did a search on Google Trends for the term “Outdoor Kitchens” and saw that interest spiked to a five year high during the summer of 2020.Google Trends also showed that the interest was greatest in the states of Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. I am having a hard time getting images to upload here so I am also providing a link to the data. The folks over at This Old House estimate that an outdoor kitchen can be built for between $3,000 and $15,000 depending upon how upgraded you make it.  You can actually build a great outdoor kitchen on a budget as you will not necessarily need appliances like a refrigerator or dishwasher. I have heard i...
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By Steve Groom, Trusted Solutions for Maryland Homeowners
(Maryland Home Buyers)
Do you know how to determine the TRUE market value of your home or property in Baltimore? Whether you are selling your house or not, its a good idea to keep tabs on the value of your home. We can help! Learn how to do it in our latest post!Many sellers think they know what their house is worth but in many cases, their numbers can often be off. It is never as simple as relying on Zillow or your property tax appraisal to tell you exactly how much your house will sell for. Before you decide whether to sell your house directly (FSBO) or hire a real estate agent, you’ll want to determine on your own what your home is worth. There are a few things you can do to get an accurate value of your house in Baltimore.1. CMA (Competitive Market Analysis)A Competitive Market Analysis or CMA, are often ...
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By John Taylor, U.P.L.I.F.T
(Lokation Real Estate)
Whether good news or bad news, any communication is 🔑 when it come to a professional relationship. Communication does what to people? Ah yes, brings them together! If you are in constant communication with someone you will develop a???? You got it, a relationship, now what comes in a relationship?, honesty, respect, those have to be the top three that come to mind right off the top of my head, You see, because we have “communication” we have naturally developed a relationship thats based on a set of core values that any person would to give, better yet want in return. What I’ve learned in my short time so far in real estate is the communication with my clients is the most vital part of the process, it gives me a chance to LISTEN. I get an opportunity to hear their wants, needs, ...
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It may seem obvious that in any professional setting if you break a rule, there will be a consiquence. But what are the consequences to breaking a rule in the real estate industry? How serious are these consequences? The severity of the consequence will depend on the action- but can be serious enough to lead to criminal conviction and prison time. It's shocking how many Licensed agents have and continue to misuse their license. When running a google search of agents that have been caught mis-using their licenses I was suprised to see there were pages and pages of cases, wether it was an agent contiuing to work with an exired license or an agent engaging in fraudulent activity. It's always been hard for me to understand and relate to how someone could defy someone that is trusting them w...
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By Jim Flauaus, Your Tax Problem Solver
(Anchor Tax Relief LLC)
I work with many Realtors who fall behind on taxes, and then don’t know the steps to settle with the IRS.It's easy for good people to fall behind. No one's withholding taxes from your commission checks. Your business is seasonal; strong sometimes, but weak at other times. And then closings that get delayed. It makes your cash flow harder to manage and your tax payments harder to maintain.If you or someone you know is behind on taxes, here’s 3 steps to settle with the IRS. File your return.Even if you can’t afford it.Even if don’t have the time for it.Even if you don’t have your tax records together.  Because until you're in “compliance”, any effort to fix your tax problem is dead on arrival at the Internal Revenue Service.Until you're in compliance, your bank account may be subject to l...
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Blue River Apartments is a boutique block of 4-holiday apartments located at the ocean end of Wooli, on the north coast of NSW. We provide activities like fishing, kayaking, cycling, walking, boating, whale watching, oysters, diving, mud crabs etc.Blue River Apartments has a fabulous 2 person ocean Kayak with fishing rod holders if required available for FREE use to guests. Kayaks can also be hired from the dive shop. Wooli River Kayak experience starts directly in front of Blue River Apartments and offers you some 30 kilometers of pristine national park waterways to explore.There is always something happening in Wooli but not like the city.  Here it is nature that dictates the action.  Is it the whales passing on their annual migration, the snapper running in June, the full moon rising...
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By Lisa Olson
(The Olson Properties Team )
AWESOME SURPRISE HOME FOR SALE!!! 👉Two bedroom, one bath home in the desirable Happy Trails neighborhood👉Enjoy all the amenities of this Great 55+ CommunityFor virtual tour/preview of this home, call Lisa at (602)920-7007.
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By JEANETTE CHASWORTH ASID, CID, IHP, The Color Whisperer - Interior Design & Clearings
(The Color Whisperer Interior Design)
That old coffee pot is what got her dating again….Sharon was a recent widow and knew she had to make changes in her to life to get out of her funk.The problem was, she didn’t know how.Until she met me and …..had the coffee pot incident.You see I knew when I walked into her home, something was amissHer home was decorated in the 1960s stylesAnd the worse part it was her late husband’s ex who had decorated it.Yah cra cra right?!And to an Interior Design Specialist that uses intuitive strategies to turn your home into your favorite living space ever -This made my mouth drop.I went into the kitchen and saw the old coffee pot.I asked about it and when Sharon told me it belonged to the ex…I said you have to get rid of that right now.She went out to the garage and found another coffee pot that ...
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By Cheryl Karr, Helping you buy & sell real estate since 1985
(Solid Source Realty)
Linking your Instagram to your Facebook page has many benefits, including making it easier to manage your DMs. Katie Sehl December 14, 2020 Need to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page? You’ve clicked on the right how-to article. Since acquiring Instagram in 2012, Facebook has streamlined cross-app functionality for businesses and non-profits. The most recent update of Facebook Business Suite makes it possible for admins to manage everything in one place—from cross-posting to replying to messages. Of course, with Hootsuite, social managers with connected accounts could do this a long time ago. Learn how to link your Facebook page to Instagram and the benefits you’ll unlock by connecting your accounts.\ Why link your Instagram to a Facebook page These are the key benefits avai...
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By Rachel Morin, morin2realty
(New Star Real Estate)
Testing this out! I haven't done a blog since I was a founding distributor with DoTerra in 2008! So this is pretty foreign to me.  I'm looking forward to learning a lot and meeting wise people who can help me on my journey into the real estate world! 😄
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By Rodney Downs, Making your dreams a realty.
(Infinite Real Estate Group)
In brosing the blog posts here I noticed a post about Unauthorized Consideration. Some knew the term. Some had never heard it. For those unfamiliar with the term:Paying or offering to pay valuable consideration, as defined by the commission, to a person not licensed, except that valuable consideration may be shared as follows:- With a principal broker of another jurisdiction.- As provided under: Title 16, Chapter 10a, Utah Revised Business Corporation Act; Title 16, Chapter 11, Professional Corporation Act; or Title 48, Chapter 2c, Utah Revised Limited Liability Company Act, or Title 48, Chapter 3a, Utah Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.When a person, not a licensed agent, might give you a referral. If this happens, you will need to remember not to give or even offer them a...
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By Gail Miller
(Miller Tax & Advisory Services)
The primary focus of my firm is tax representation in Parkchester, NY. If you have a tax debt with the IRS, then you’ve likely received an IRS collection notice request for payment. Taxpayers often ignore notices because they either don’t believe they owe or cannot pay, but simply ignoring them could be costly. The first notice the taxpayer would receive includes a breakdown of interest and penalties. If the tax debt goes unpaid, then the taxpayer would receive the following notices (assuming the taxpayer had not begun paying the debt):The second IRS collection notice would follow to inform the taxpayer that payment had not been received. At this point, the taxpayer can still make arrangements to pay on his/her own. The third IRS collection notice would follow second notice to inform th...
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By DE Brown
Setting Up Your Home Budget: What Can I Afford?When it comes to setting up your home budget you may want to talk to a finance advisor. If you do not have the time or ability to discuss your budget with a professional then you need to use the basic rule of thumb with savings versus income. Wherever you decide to move and whatever you decide to buy or rent, you should always have a minimum of 20% of your income available to save for emergencies. If you are purchasing a home the lender will give you a set amount that you are pre approved for. You will need to take into consideration that this amount is strictly for the price of the home, it does not include taxes or special assessments that some home owners associations may charge. Make sure you are comfortable with your mortgage payment b...
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By Yael Shanee, Find Your Dream Home
(Yael Shanee Real Estate Agent)
As a person who is looking to sell house fast in Nassau County, NY, it is necessary that you get all the professional help that you can get when you want to have the best buyers for your home. Finding a person who can understand the value of your old home is never easy. You may also not be sure about whether you are asking for the right price for your home or not. It is for this reason that you get in touch with a reputed real estate agent when you are thinking of I want to sell my house fast Nassau County.The experienced real estate agents that have been operating in New York for a long time can help you to get familiarized with the market trends and the factors that can affect the pricing when you are thinking of selling your home. They can also advise you on ways in which you can act...
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By Peter N. Mitchell, EA, IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax problem resolution
(Tax Pro Advisor, LLC)
I represent taxpayers in Leander and the rest of Texas who have civil and criminal tax issues, and have recently seen an uptick in those folks coming to us who have not filed tax returns, some for many years. In fact, the non-filer is a major priority for the IRS, who have stated publicly that they have identified more than 7 million taxpayers who have failed to file returns, and that the IRS plans to roll-out an initiative to target these tax scofflaws.In addition, it is worth noting that the willful failure to file a tax return is a federal tax crime under the Internal Revenue Code's Section 7203.So what can non-filers do, and how can we help them get their tax return issue resolved with the IRS? It depends upon why they failed to file in the first-place.If the failure to file the tax...
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