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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Rob Richardson, Mortgage Loan Officer
Hello everyone! I am Rob Richardson, a loan officer with UMortgage out of Cincinnati licensed in OH, KY, and IN. I look forward to making new connections this year and offing any help and answering any mortgage related questions you may have.
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By Ken & Ari Walker - Husband & Wife Team, Your Direct Private Money Source
(Pacific Direct Mortgage)
In 2024, homebuyers can expect lower mortgage rates, higher home prices and a lot more competition. After nervously watching mortgage rates get two-decade highs and inventory plunge in 2023, many hopeful homebuyers are eager to get off the sidelines and into a home.While 2023 was a better year for real estate in many respects, many buyers still struggled with affordability. If you are planning to buy a house in 2024, here is what you can expect, according to some experts: Fannie Mae sees home prices rising 2.8% year over year by the end of 2024. The Mortgage Bankers Association believes prices could rise as much as 4.1% next year. The National Association of Realtors has more conservative expectations and predicts existing-home prices will inch up just 0.7% over next year. p...
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By Tommy Crivello, We specialize in South West Ranches
(Tommy Crivello Real Estate Group)
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By Geoffrey Rickaby, Integrity in Real Estate
(First Weber, Inc.)
A fundamental question that arises frequently when navigating the real estate market is: Is buying land a better investment than buying a house? In addition to being theoretical, this question is crucial for investors and buyers in real estate markets. We explore the factors that affect the value of homes and land in this in-depth analysis, which aims to provide you with the knowledge you need to make wise real estate investments.Unpacking the Value of Land:Land's value is essentially based on how scarce it is. Because land is a finite resource, unlike homes, which can be expanded, renovated, or built, its value appreciates steadily over time. The potential for development, zoning regulations, and location all have a significant influence on value. A piece of land in a developing city, ...
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By Helling Homebuyers, Cash Homebuyer in Omaha, NE
(Helling Homebuyers)
At OMA Homebuyers, we understand that selling your home can be a significant decision. We're here to offer you a straightforward, efficient, and beneficial solution for selling your Omaha property. Here's why selling to us could be the best choice for you:Fast and Hassle-Free Process Quick Closing: One of our top advantages is the speed of our transactions. We can close the deal in as little as a week, compared to the months it might take in a traditional sale. No Waiting for Buyers: You don't have to wait for a buyer. We're ready to purchase your property immediately. Sell As-Is No Repairs Needed: We buy properties in any condition. This means you don't need to spend time or money on repairs or renovations. Whatever the state of your Omaha property, we’re interested.No Commissions or H...
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While completing my 120 hours of education to be licensed in real estate, I am diving into the 21 ways to lose your real estate license.  One of our activities was to look up disciplinary actions taken on real estate agents or brokers.  The majority of the links I clicked on were agents being accused of false advertisement. Not being fully educated on the topic, it seems rather odd to me that so many agents and/or brokers would have an issue with advertising false information.  So I’ve done some research outside of my classes.  It is my opinion that the majority of these agents being accused of advertising listings with false information did not intentionally mislead people.  Now maybe that is my naïveté, but not keeping proper records and being properly organized could lead to mixing u...
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By Connor Kobilarcsik, Think of me when you think of Real Estate
(Russell Real Estate Services)
What makes Cleveland so great? Why do "Clevelanders" choose to not only stay in the city and never move - but always come back for more? As a lifelong "Clevelander" and real estate agent who knows the city like the back of his hand - I can attest to the greatness of Cleveland and know that it is truly our "little known secret."Cleveland not only has some of the most affordable homes in the country - but it's forward thinking, sports fanatic residents know that it a treasure that the rest of the country ignores. Cleveland is full of culture and grit that you just won't find in most midwest cities...It's what continues to bring residents back after their time living in the bigger cities of America.  
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By LeAnne Carswell, Real estate broker in charge of large team
(Expert Real Estate Team)
Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Greer, South Carolina, golf course homes offer a unique blend of luxury living and scenic beauty. Imagine waking up to the lush green fairways, enjoying breathtaking views, and having easy access to world-class golf facilities right outside your doorstep. In this blog, we will explore the charm and allure of Greer's golf course homes, highlighting the features that make them the epitome of upscale living.Click here to see available homes:  Greer, SC Golf Course homes Prime Location: Greer, SC is renowned for its ideal location, providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere while being conveniently close to urban amenities. Golf course homes in Greer are strategically positioned, offering residents the best of both worlds – tranquility and accessibili...
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 Understanding the FHA Self Sustainability Test for 3 & 4 Unit Properties FHA loans provide relatively easy financing for people who might not qualify for conventional mortgages. Although the Federal Housing Administration doesn’t actually lend money, they insure the banks and mortgage brokers that do. They also enact rules that govern the loans they cover. In other words, they won’t insure a loan unless it meets a long list of specified criteria. To make it more complicated, FHA loan requirements differ between types of properties. Those trying to purchase a single family home or even a duplex, for example, will do so under a different set of regulations than those trying to purchase a 3-unit (triplex) or 4-unit (quad) dwelling. To help you make sense of the 3 and 4-unit requirements, ...
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By Ryan Bullock
(Keller Williams Philadelphia )
It's essential to approach eviction matters with a thorough understanding of the legal processes and regulations involved. Remember that landlord-tenant laws can vary by jurisdiction, and for specific guidance, it is strongly recommended to consult with a legal professional familiar with the laws in Philadelphia. Below is a general guide on the eviction process in Philadelphia, but please use this as a starting point and not as legal advice.Renting out a property can be a lucrative venture, but it comes with its own challenges, one of which is the possibility of evicting a tenant. Understanding the eviction process is crucial for landlords to navigate this tricky situation effectively. Like in many other jurisdictions, specific legal procedures must be followed in Philadelphia.Grounds f...
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By Kamal Pillai, Real estate agent serving Ontario
(The Canadian Home Realty Inc)
Getting the best possible deal on a new home - this is exactly what prospective homebuyers aim for. And a buyer’s market is where aspiring homeowners have the maximum chances of nabbing the sweetest deal.A buyer’s market is when there are more houses up for sale but there are fewer buyers or investors to grab them. It is when supply surpasses demand.In a buyer’s market, the prices of homes for sale decrease and the homes linger on the market longer. So, sellers are more willing to negotiate and drop their asking price to attract potential homes and sell their property faster.So, Has the Ontario Real Estate Market Become More Buyer-Friendly?Starting from March 2022, the Bank of Canada (BoC) has been hiking up interest rates to bring inflation under control. From March 2022 onwards till n...
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By Freeman Wang, Real estate agent serving in California
(Freeman Wang Team)
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty (YHSGR) is excited to introduce the YHSGR Advantage, a revolutionary marketplace poised to transform the home buying and selling experience. This pioneering platform provides a diverse array of state-of-the-art solutions, empowering both sellers and buyers to navigate the real estate market with unwavering confidence and achieve their goals with unparalleled success. Discover the Seamless Functionality of YHSGR Advantage: Uniting Offers in a Single Marketplace: YHSGR agents leverage the transformative capabilities of YHSGR Advantage by soliciting offers from a myriad of providers. This consolidation creates a singular, user-friendly marketplace that simplifies the intricate processes of buying and selling homes. Profound Expertise at Your Disposal: Our d...
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By Donna Eller, Luxury is Feeling not a Price Point!
(Keller Williams Domain)
During this time of the year, agents seem to calm down and do holiday cheer. I'm out to say in last 3 months all 6 of my listings which happen to be all over Michigan got Multiple offers. 3 selling in 3 days with 6 or more offers. 2 sold in 7 days and had at least 3 offers and the last one sold in 1 day. The other thing to note is THEY ALL SOLD over asking, anywhere from 2k to 27k.BAM! - Here's my Holiday Cheer to those of you not working, PEOPLE are still selling and buying! BRING ON THE REFERRALS - I'm working!Donna Eller, KW Domain, Birmingham Michigan
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By Ana Elizarraras
In a real estate transaction, there are a few parties involved. One of which would be the principal. A principal is the individual that is being represented by a licensed agent to manage the transaction to sell or buy real estate. There are three different types of principals. First, you have a disclosed principal. A disclosed principals identity is known. A partially disclosed principal allows for the opposite party to know they exist but the identity of the principal is remained private. Lastly, there can be an undisclosed principal. This means that the principal is not revealed. No details are given regarding who the principal can potentially be. The principal can be the agent themselves or someone completely different.
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By Rent Digi, Rentdigi: Your Partner in Apartment Listing
If you're on the quest for the perfect dwelling in Alberta, look no further. Our comprehensive guide to house listings in this vibrant province will streamline your search and help you find the home of your dreams.Metro Housing Apartment Listings: A Diverse Array of OptionsAlberta's metropolitan areas boast a plethora of apartment listings, catering to various preferences and budgets. From chic urban lofts to cozy suburban flats, our guide will navigate you through the metro housing landscape.Affordable Housing Rental Listings in Alberta: Your Gateway to ComfortEmbarking on a budget-friendly journey? Our curated selection of affordable housing rental listings in Alberta ensures that you find the ideal residence without compromising on comfort or amenities. Let's explore the possibilitie...
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By Keller Williams Preferred Properties, We are the #1 Real Estate office in Prince George'
(Keller Williams Preferred Properties)
Embarking on a real estate journey in Maryland is an exciting venture, but it comes with its share of challenges. To ensure a smooth transaction, it's essential to be aware of the potential pitfalls that can arise. In this blog, we'll delve into the common stumbling blocks in Maryland real estate and provide practical strategies to sidestep them, empowering you to make informed decisions on your property journey.1. Lack of Proper Research and Due DiligenceOne of the cardinal sins in real estate transactions is the neglect of thorough research and due diligence. To mitigate this risk, prospective buyers must invest time in gathering comprehensive information about the property and its surroundings. This includes researching the neighborhood, nearby amenities, schools, and any future deve...
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By John Weber, Real estate Agent, Bluffton Real Estate,
(The John Weber Team)
Sun City or Latitude Margaritaville | Bluffton Real Estate | Which one is better?A  good video that may educate you on which 55+ community is right for you. Watch and learn how John Weber explains which is better, Sun City or Latitude Margaritaville.  As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Sun City and Latitude Margaritaville are both popular active adult communities in the United States, but they are distinct and operated by different developers. Keep in mind that the details provided here might be outdated, and it's recommended to verify the latest information before making any decisions. Additionally, the comparative advantage of one over the other can depend on your personal preferences and priorities. Here's a general overview:Sun City:Developer: Sun City communities are o...
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By Judy Michaelis, Real estate agent serving Westport, CT
(Coldwell Banker)
Westport homeowners: Our October real estate market figures are in: just as they've been all throughout 2023, Westport homes for sale and inventory are down about 30%. The big question everybody is speculating on is which way the Westport market is going: will it soften? It really depends on Westport commuter habits. Are commuters traveling to their New York City offices five days per week, or three? If all remains the same at roughly three days per week, then the market will follow. But if NYC office workers begin commuting to the office five days per week, our market will soften.Sitting down with a top realtor is vital in helping you understand your options. If you'd like to know what's going on in your part of Westport, or you’re looking for any further detailed analysis, feel free t...
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By Sandy Keller, Top Producing Real Estate Agent in Prescott, AZ
(Team Keller Homes - Realty One Group Mtn Desert)
Nestled amidst the pine-covered hills of central Arizona, Prescott offers residents and visitors a unique blend of a mild desert climate with a touch of winter magic. While snowfall might not be as extensive as in colder northern regions, Prescott experiences a delightful winter season that transforms the landscape into a serene and picturesque scene.Typical Snowfall in Prescott:Prescott's winter weather brings a charming dusting of snow, adding a layer of beauty to the already scenic surroundings. The city, situated at an elevation of approximately 5,400 feet, enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Snowfall in Prescott is usually moderate, creating a winter wonderland without the extreme accumulations often seen in higher elevations.Average Snowfall:On average, Prescott...
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By Tom Hurley, Residential and commercial inspector.
(Double H Inspections)
Hello! I'm Tom Hurley, the proud owner of Double H Inspections, based in the beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming. My journey in the world of construction and real estate began during my high school years, starting with hands-on experience in a roofing and remodeling company. This foundational period ignited a passion that led me through a diverse career in general construction, specialized roofing projects, low voltage, and alarm systems installation, and eventually into construction management and sales.Alongside my wife, I ventured into real estate, purchasing and renovating multiple homes. This experience gave me a unique insight into the property lifecycle—from acquisition to transformation. In 2020, driven by a passion for excellence and equipped with a comprehensive skill set honed over t...
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