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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By John Thomson, Winnipeg real estate market
Winnipeg is the capital city of the province of Manitoba in Canada, and it is a vibrant and growing metropolis with a strong economy, diverse culture, and a rich history. The real estate market in Winnipeg is stable and offers a wide range of options for buyers and renters.The average home price in Winnipeg is currently around $300,000, which is lower than the national average. This makes the city an attractive option for first-time home buyers, as well as those looking to upgrade to a larger home. The city is also home to a variety of different neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. From the historic charm of the Exchange District to the trendy and vibrant Corydon Avenue, there is something for everyone in Winnipeg.There is a wide variety of housing options availa...
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By Carmine Rauso & Debbie Rauso, Professional REALTORS® and Real Estate Investors
Welcome to our blog. We are Carmine and Debbie Rauso, a married couple who work together in our passion: real estate! We take tremendous pride in being REALTORs® and it never feels like work. We love what we do, and we love who we work with. When we are not immersed in real estate, we enjoy spending time together. As a married couple of over 23 years, we still seek out opportunities to relax and have fun together. We enjoy exploring different cuisines from around the world and cooking together. We relish gathering with family and friends, exploring scenic bike trails in the area, and spending time with our three kids and our rescue dog. We are 15 year residents in Newtown Square, PA, although we are collectively licensed in PA, DE and MD, serving the greater Philly, Wilmington and Balti...
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By Kimberly Chadwick, Residential realtor with team to serve!
(Keller Williams Realty Group)
Meet Matthew Strauss of the M. Walter Group.  Matthew has been exposed to real estate buying, selling, investing, and managing his entire life.   He specializes in many types of commercial real estate estate, which brings a whole new level of service, knowledge, and expertise to my clients. Together, we proudly work under the Keller Williams brand, specializing in residential, commercial, luxury, land, relocations, business expansion, investment, and OGM (oil, gas and mineral).....nothing is too big or too small.Kim Chadwick 215-527-5134Matthew Strauss 484-961-0731#realestate #luxury #commercialsales #commercialrealestate #leasing #residentialrealestate #realtor #officespace #industrial #OGM #business #kimchadwick #mwalterstrauss  
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By Elizabeth McCarthy, Real estate serving Upstate South Carolina
(EXIT Realty Unlimited LLC)
Here's how to make an effective game plan to maximize what your house can sell for.   Buyers love a move-in-ready home.  Simple upgrades and minor improvements can go a long way.1.  Make necessary Repairs and Improvements2.  Use a fresh coat of paint3.  Declutter and clean out unnecessary items4.  Do small upgrades that are cost effective5.  Stage Your Home for Success6.  Improvements to the property outside, landscaping and5.  Prep and clean for Each Showing6.  Use a real estate agent to price your home correctly Contact me today to help you maximize your sale price!  I'm here to help.Elizabeth McCarthyExit Realty Unlimited LLCText emccarthy to 85377
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By Rhonda Chef D Dunning, Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant
(Chef D Properties)
CL-100 is a termite/fungus inspection. It is a requirement for some mortgages to be written on a mortgage for a property in the state of South Carolina. The CL-100 is the official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report form. It should include information based on a  visual inspection for signs of wood-destroying insects such as termites and wood beetles and wood destroying bees. The detailed report also includes inspection for signs of decay, wood rot, moisture issues and fungi. To protect themselves, banks and lending institutions require that homes be inspected for damage before lending money on the home.  However, not all mortgages require this. The CL-100 inspection report is required to be completed by a qualified, licensed South Carolina home inspector or pest control expert. Once...
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By Phuoc Tran, Agent Professor Training
(Real Estate)
Here is your topic for this lesson:Choose one of the 21 ways to lose a real estate license and write a few paragraphs about it:False advertising in real estate refers to the act of making false or misleading statements in the promotion or sale of real estate properties. This can include things like exaggerating the size or amenities of a property, hiding defects or problems with the property, or making false claims about the surrounding neighborhood. False advertising is illegal and can result in fines or penalties for the person or company responsible. An example of false advertising in real estate would be if a real estate agent advertised a property as being in a "desirable neighborhood" when in fact it was in an area known for high crime rates or other issues. Another example would ...
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This is part of my 120 hr real estate training. One of the 21 ways to lose your real estate license is to be dishonest. I was so dumb founded by the amount of dishonest people there are in the public. There was plenty of videos online displaying the amount of lies people will tell others just to benefit themselves. In this line of work, you need to be honest with people and trustworthy. Real estate agents have a lot of power over the general public involving purchasing a house. Misleading information or lying for your benefit will be the first way ticket out of the real estate world. This is people money, family and jobs on the line for lying to potential clients or current clients. All 21 ways  Misrepresentation Dual Representation Without Consent False Affiliation Money Problems Unaut...
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Would you take your money now or wait?Have you ever wondered why someone receiving a large payout would take it in a lump sum instead of installments over time? It boils down to economics. The principle is that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow because it can earn you money NOW and grow your wealth exponentially for your future.  This principle is known as the time value of money.  How does this apply to you as a commercial property owner?Is there a lottery for commercial property owners that you can start playing? In all jest, no, but there is money waiting for you to claim right inside the walls of your building.Most commercial property owners depreciate their buildings over 39 years.  But there are better ways to do it.  The components of your building depreciate mu...
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By Eduardo garza
(Oso Properties)
A real estate license can be lost through misrepresentation, which is the act of making false or misleading statements in regards to a property or transaction. This can include providing false information on a listing, making false promises to a buyer or seller, or failing to disclose known defects in a property.In order to lose a real estate license through misrepresentation, a complaint would have to be filed with the state's real estate regulatory agency. The agency would then conduct an investigation to determine if the allegations are true. If the investigation finds that the agent did indeed engage in misrepresentation, the agency can take disciplinary action, including revoking the agent's license.It's important to note that even a single instance of misrepresentation can result ...
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This exercise is a part of my Real Estate School Training and I chose to make up a story on the topic of Undisclosed Principle - Failing to Disclose (and almost borderline Unprofessional Conduct) and how Agents should be aware that this occurrence could happen more commonly than you think. Here is my short (Fictional) story.Barbra is an Agent in the Suburbs of Utah and is preparing to take her perspective buyers out to look at some houses. She didn't prepare and review the property info fully before showing the homes in time. Barbra's clients asked that they remove homes that have HOAs from their search and expressed their desire to be free of those constraints. Barbra didn't fully check her perspective properties and ended up showing a home within an HOA to her Buyers.The Buyers asked ...
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By David Ghavitian, Real estate lawyer in Montreal.
(David Ghavitian)
Getting started in the real estate market is a major decision requiring a substantial financial commitment. Buyers should complete thorough market research before ever investing large sums of money.Many myths and false perceptions about the real estate market provide unreliable information and make transactions that much more difficult. To make informed decisions when transacting in the real estate market, note the following facts and common real estate market myths. Myths And Facts About Real Estate Myth: You Can Buy a Home Without the Help of An Agent Yes, you can easily buy or sell a home without a real estate agent, especially because many websites provide a wealth of information to the public on all steps of the buying and selling process. Nevertheless, buyers should do it with cau...
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By Tricia Starley, We specialize in a global reach
(Huntsman & Realtors)
Interesting facts about Walt Disney when he purchased the ground in Fl, for Disney World.  He came in as an undisclosed buyer for the purchase of all the land, which now is being taxed, the land and property has never been taxed before, interesting.
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By Doug Kamerer, Realtor Who Rides!
Every spring the residential Real Estate market fires back up with homeowners wanting to list and sell their homes and a far greater number of buyers wanting to purchase their first home or their next home.From the Realtor's side, January 15 is like clockwork, it feels like " a light switch is flipped on! With everyone having just enjoyed the holidays, Christmas, Hanukka, and the ringing in of the New Year, the phone calls, texts, and other digital notifications start flooding in.As a first-time buyer let me help you avoid any of the pitfalls and mistakes. I can help you be confident in what you can afford, I can help you find the right home. It's worth noting our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience and quickly approaching 6,000 transactions. These numbers mean we have seen...
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By Bob Canning, Creating community, one home and family at a time
(ISO Realty at Silvercreek Realty Group)
The real estate industry is constantly evolving. At times, it can feel like the challenges are like a waterfall and you're about to go over the edge, overwhelmed by the current of tasks and skills you need to develop. Here are some of the biggest challenges I find facing real estate agents today: I face them, and I know from personal experience that most of the agents I work around deal with them on a daily basis. Technology: The rise of technology has brought about a number of changes to the real estate industry, and agents must now navigate a variety of digital platforms in order to market and sell properties. This includes everything from social media and online listing portals to virtual tours and virtual open houses. Start with the basics. Create a Facebook profile for you and a Fa...
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By Donald Sutherland, Reverse puts borrower back in the "Driver's Seat"
(Mortgage Network)
Reverse Mortgage helps Realtors in slow real estate market - Now pays her mortgage when she receives a commission check!
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By Bradford Simmons, CPA providing tax debt resolution services
(Ocean Consulting Services LLC)
You have tax debt and need help. We’re here to walk you through the tax collections process and develop a personalized plan to address your tax situation.Let’s review our debt resolution process.To begin with we can assist at any stage of the process: Are you about to file your tax returns but don’t have enough money to send in payment - we can help Are you receiving notices from the IRS about your tax debt - we can help Did the IRS notify you that they intend to file a Notice of Tax Lien - we can help Were you just notified that the IRS intends to seize / levy your property - we can help Has the IRS already started taking your property - we can help In other words it’s never too early or too late for us to help.First up - who am I / why should you trust me to resolve your tax debt. I’m...
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By Linh Luong, Linh Luong is one of the top real estate agent.
(LLRE Gruop)
Business owners often only have time to think about a little beyond the everyday responsibilities that keep them functioning. Still, as a company develops, its space demands typically rise as well. At some point, it becomes vital for a business owner to examine whether the space is the proper size and if it is suitably outfitted in a way that preserves the firm working most efficiently. As you start to examine your needs, it is typically a great idea to have the best commercial real estate agent engaged. An agent specializing in commercial real estate will be able to manage some of the weight for you as you look into relocation or expansion. A real estate agent in Houston will consider your requests and provide space that suits your requirements and is in the best position for new and p...
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By Greg Raymer, Real Estate Invester
(Usa House Partners)
There can be several reasons why a home may not be selling. Some common reasons include:1.Pricing: If the home is priced too high, it may not be competitive in the market, and potential buyers may be looking at other properties that are priced more reasonably.2.Condition: If the home is in poor condition, it may be difficult to attract buyers. Issues like deferred maintenance, clutter, and outdated decor can turn buyers off.3.Location: The location of the home can be a factor in its salability. Homes in desirable neighborhoods or areas with good schools and amenities are more likely to sell quickly.4.Marketing: If the home is not being effectively marketed, it may not be reaching the right audience. Poor photographs, a lack of online exposure, and ineffective advertising can all contrib...
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By Aamer Parvez, N/A
I come from the East Coast and have had my fair share of working with several real estate agents over the last few years. It has been my experience that each agent I have dealt with on the East Coast has been unprofessional and unethical. This actually sparked my drive to want to enter into the real estate market. I have seen these agents take an offer and present it to a buyer's agent and subsequently have a side discussion (without informing the potential buyer) that why number their client is at and where the seller need to counter to close the deal. I have seen  agents lie to a buyer to try and sell a property of mine, which is also unprofessional and extremely unethical. The games that I have seen being played on the East coast - all in the name of making a quick sale and earning c...
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By TGAZ Investment LLC
(TGAZ Investment LLC)
You may be wondering who Sell House in Mesa Arizona; are they companies or single investors, and what is their motive for buying your house in any condition? The answer is that there are several reasons why companies that buy your house for cash do so, however, it is mostly for investment, and this investment can be carried out under a large company or a sole proprietorship.
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