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Decide on a home & make on offer with a REALTOR. Well, this is a giant step isn't it?  By now, you know how much you should spend on a home, with your realtors assistance.  Your Realtor will help you find the best home within your budget, and together you will make a written offer that details th...
Is the market ready for you as a buyer?  Every market in Washington is a little different but, in general, now is an excellent time to purchase your first home if you find the right REALTOR and home at a fair price.  At the time of this e-mail, interest rates on fixed rate mortgages are at histor...
We work we show home, we travel and we work.  Im working by showing homes and this is the 4th time my refrig light has come on.  So I took it in and had it repaired and not to mention the repair shop found about $2600 more things that must be fixed.  A week goes buy and the again the refrig light...
I just participated in the Statewide Open house. Yesterday my open house was from 1-3pm and I had 5 couples tour the home. Today Sunday I did one from 10-noon and 1-3pm and had only one couple at each. Our association had more than 200 open houses for this event. Great job! I would like to commen...
So if you are a Realtor, or work in a commission based business I wish you luck getting a Loan to purchase a home.  With having a credit score in the 700 and having owned a home you'd think anyone could qualify for a home loan.  But the lender says at this time with the strick underwriting guidel...
Many people avoid calling their lender when they have money troubles. Most of us are embarrassed to discuss our money problems with others or believe that if lenders know we are in trouble, they will rush to collection or foreclosure.  Foreclosure is expensive for lenders, mortgage insurers and i...
State-Wide Open House REALTORS across Washington are coordinating a state-wide open house June 27th & 28th. The size of this event makes it newsworthy and a great time to talk about the first-time homebuyer $8,000 tax credit. Resources and logos for the open house can be found under Upcoming Even...
Buy a home and get $8000.00 from the Government!  Rent...and GET NOTHING!  Seems like an easy choice.New government stimulus plan provides up to $8000 if you buy a house this year- and you don't have to pay it back.  Give me a call.  I can show you how you can take advantage of this stimulating o...
REALTORS® are ideally situated to improve housing opportunities where they live. They are the first stop for the prospective homebuyer or renter. Accordingly, REALTORS® can reach out - through personal involvement in their own communities - to those who need greater access to quality, affordable ...
Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said buyers are responding to very favorable market conditions. "Housing affordability conditions have been at historic highs, but now the $8,000 first-time buyer tax credit is beginning to impact the market," he said. "Since first-time buyers must finalize thei...

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