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How to Protect Your Spouse Even if They're Under 62 There were many reasons why non-borrowing spouses were removed from title and were not included on the loan when their spouses first obtained a reverse mortgage.  Over the years, there have been many reasons as to why a borrower has removed thei...
I Went to the Podiatrist for Brain Surgery… If you needed brain surgery, would you go to the Doctor who happens to be a podiatrist just because you know someone who works there? A Medical Doctor after all is a Medical Doctor and they can all help people with any ailment, right? ABSOLUTELY NOT! No...
Why I Started PS Financial Services I was in training at one of the country's largest reverse mortgage companies when the CEO said, "We don't want every loan.” What he meant by this was, "We will deny the less than perfect borrower and/or property.” I had difficulty with this concept because I wa...
An Innovative Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage (and Plan For Retirement) When I speak to clients for the first time, they often tell me one of the reasons they never considered a reverse mortgage is because they do not currently have a mortgage. I let them know, off the bat, that while the reverse mo...
How Much Can a Borrower Receive With a Reverse Mortgage? That is the question a lot of clients seeking information about the reverse mortgage first ask. In truth, while how much a borrower can receive is an important question, there are many other things that should be considered before giving nu...
Mortgage Brokers Can Ease the Strain of Getting a Home Loan There was a time when reverse mortgages could be taken out at the local branch of the bank you've trusted with your money for years. However, after the boom and bust, more and more banks bowed out of originating reverse mortgages. And wh...
Why You KEEP Your Home With a Reverse Mortgage The reverse mortgage industry has been riddled with misconceptions for years since the boom and bust when many homeowners, seeing the prices of their homes go up above their expectations, took out a reverse mortgage, which gave them an abundance of c...
History of the REVERSE MORTGAGE The Reverse Mortgage (RM) first started in Great Britain. 1961: The first reverse mortgage in the U.S. was done by Nelson Haynes of Deering Savings and Loan for Nellie Young of Portland, Maine because she wanted to stay in her home despite the loss of her husband's...

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