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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.



Big news and a lot of second guessing highlighted the past week. But in all the second guessing, interest rates remained in the same tight band they have for going on two months now. And that is GOOD NEWS for mortgage rates in an excellent range with APRs below 5.000% (see below). It started with...
The Las Vegas ShackDiva.com has given a good set of reasoning for why we shouldn't expect a boat-load of inventory to dump on the market all at once.  For those who define "Shadow Inventory" this way - consider your definition de-bunked.  However, what is also clear is that "Shadow Inventory" doe...
It was a strong week for economic data especially in housing. The curious thing is that bond interest rates really stayed in check with mortgage interest rates still well below the 5.00% level. The optimism is either only skin deep or the money guys just aren’t buying it. OR? Or is the Fed purch...
>We hope your New Year celebration was wonderful and that you succeed in your plan for 2011! Satu and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home and have 2011 business planning well underway. The "A" in SMART goal setting stands for Accountable (among other things, such as Attainable or Action-centered, b...
Based on news this past week there is a buzz about DOUBLE DIP IN HOUSING?!? Can your business plan make a difference in how the Real Estate market will perform in 2011? In a word "NO!" BUT your business plan can make a difference in how YOU will perform in 2011. Let's look at what the double-dip ...

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At least weekly, I write about what is happening that may affect interest rates and mortgage-backed securities for the coming days.