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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.



  FIVE DAYS LEFT! That includes today, to get a firm, legal contract in place and qualify for the credit (assuming you can close that deal by June 30th.) Contract must me in place by April 30th, this Friday. “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered!” That’s what a property-investor client told me t...
In the midst of April’s earnings season, and with the Dow at 11,000 for the first time in 18 months (hitting 11,150), who would have thought that a mini stock market sell-off would be the source of interest rate improvements?  Remember that the Dow was below 7,000 about March of 2009.  But sure e...
Welcome to Tax Week.  I hope your tax return is safely finished and in.  That puts us squarely in the middle of April and only 18 days remain to get a valid contract in place to qualify for the $8,000 or $6,500 credit.  Congress did heed the advice of realtors when the tax credit was extended thi...
As the headline suggests, the Fed purchases of Mortgage-Backed Securities came to a screeching halt on Wednesday.  The only surprise to me was that the market didn't "bake in" the known-certain drop off in demand prior to the actual date. Sure enough, on Wednesday the markets dropped precipitousl...
What a raucous month in the bond markets (see the red bars in the chart below.) Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities had record bad days on Wednesday only to recover some on Friday and continue in a positive direction this morning. So 30-year fixed, conforming loan rates that bounced up ...
Well, we are off to a post-healthcare-legislation start in the markets and stocks are off a bit with bonds up in a flight-to-quality move. But it is only very slight and appears to be more attributed to the fears of Greek financial support drifting away.  The sovereign debt issue is going to domi...
There was pressure on bonds during the week from two fronts, but even with a bit of an unfavorable slide in MBS, Signet's 30-year residential mortgage rates stayed at 4.750% for the price of an origination and normal closing costs. Pressures came from economic news threatening some inflation and ...

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At least weekly, I write about what is happening that may affect interest rates and mortgage-backed securities for the coming days.