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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.



Some January Economic News including the impact of Politics: The late push by Obama 16 days ago to support the democrat in the MA Senate race, took a harsh populist tone which has only expanded in the wake of her defeat. Democratic strategists have judged that independents and even some democrats...
The Fed was in the news in January with the normally silent NY Fed President, Bill Dudley speaking up.  He allowed a 30 minute interview with NBR that is available here and well worth watching.  His statements support the current indications from the fed that the discount rate will likely be at o...
2010 is shpaing up to be everything we had hoped it would be with great rates and prices.  Be bold and get out there, good things will happen.  Certainly the real estate lending will be there to support you.  Signet's lenders and investors continue to approve and fund loans for qualified buyers. ...
Investment property purchases are receiving 4.75% rate 30-year fixed loans with 25% down for the added, up-front charge of 1.75 points; or avoid the upfront points with a rate of 5.75% on rental property for 30-year fixed (note the 2-year payback represented by the points and rate trade-off - we'...
One of the investment ideas on my mind for the past few weeks relates to IRAs and Roth IRAs.  This may be something you want to act on.  Of course talk with you tax accountant or attorney before you make a move. Here are the steps to consider. Is now the time to own rental properties in your IRA?...
I look forward to writing more in the near future about investment properties penciling out.  We have seen increased activity in the residential investor arena and for good reason.  Those same low residential rates (we have been locking 4.75% with an origination and normal closing costs) are avai...
 SBA Lending Legislation Moving Quickly. Goal is Access to Credit * Temporary Waiver of Loan Fees by Tomorrow  (Originally emailed 12/18/09) * Loan Limit Increase - Now on Senate Floor The House moved quickly December 17, 2009 to overwhelmingly pass a military funding bill that carried a temporar...
HUD to allow FHA Purchases on Properties Owned less than 90 Days ·        Expanded Access to FHA loans for Flipped Properties!   FHA Down Payment Minimum Staying at 3.5%   Other Limits Will be Changing UFMIP going up and Seller Concession 6% going down to 3% January 20, 2010 As we announced at t...

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