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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.



  When in Central OR, do as the Romans do.  Hey Seth Godin!!!! Come over and review Margaret Rome's new book and while you're at it give a shout out to the tribe.!   Hi folks. My good friend and fellow ActiveRainer, Margaret Rome, is getting close to launching her first book "Real Estate the Righ...
You’ll want to look at the MBS (mortgage backed securities) chart below that illustrates the wild ride we are on. The last 5 bars are Monday-Friday of the past week, with green being favorable to MBS and rates and red being unfavorable. Monday is the big green bar followed by another tiny green b...
Last Monday we talked about the Treasury considering investing capital into the larger banks.  Sure enough the formal plan was announced Tuesday, and we believe it will have more credit-creating incentives than any of the other moves being contemplated.  Make no mistake about it, these efforts ar...
Here is a great post by Jan Gilbault in ActiveRain on the important reasons for using a local mortgage broker.  I couldn't have said it better so I pass it along.  We stand ready to be your local mortgage advisor.  Call anytime!  We're right around the corner.I wonder how a Seattle Realtor must f...
By now you’ve heard today's news that the Fed cut the target for Fed Funds rate from 2.0% to 1.5% and in an unprecedented move did so in coordination with the European Central Bank, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and even China.  This coordinated effort was very important to mortgage-backed secur...
Here is Monday's blog entry, just a little late to the posting: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is inked and plans have begun to enable banks to sell assets that today still block their ability to make new loans.  There are bigger concerns that embroil the stock market though.  E...

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At least weekly, I write about what is happening that may affect interest rates and mortgage-backed securities for the coming days.