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Real estate locally in Bend, OR can be impacted by the global economies. We are watching the key variables hourly to make sure you will get the best possible interest rates.



While I’m at it, check the Bend Bulletin front page article on the rescue plan delay. “Local experts worry consumers could take a hit” Yesterday I spoke with Jeff McDonald of the Bulletin about the severe impact on Bend residents if the rescue plan is not enacted.  When we hide behind the thought...
Here is an interesting article from today’s Wall Street Journal by June Fletcher entitled “Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?”  Even though the author refers to the Credit Suisse analyst projections of stabilizing in approximately 18 mos (see the last 2 paragraphs), for the right person, NOW is th...
The vote is in and it’s a “NO!” in the House, so there is still not a financial rescue plan.  Click here to see the Wall Street Journal article on the vote and the markets.  The Dow has now closed down 777 points at 10,365.  A bigger drop than the day after 9/11.  These are truly historic days on...
Well, HISTORIC seems to be an understatement for the activity right now on Wall Street and Washington, D.C.  Certainly the biggest financial activity since Black Monday in 1987 and the formation of the Resolution Trust Corp in 1989.  I am sure you have heard and read much about the specifics of t...
Wow.  There are Big Steps in the world of mortgage-backed securities to talk about today!  Yesterday’s historic move of the US Treasury stepping into Freddie and Fannie will have far reaching effects on the price of bonds. The near term effects are all positive. It’s all about risk-based supply, ...
Good Tuesday morning! Here’s a quick mortgage-backed security update for a holiday shortened week.  I hope your weekend was rewarding and that school is starting well for the kids.  There is BIG news this morning.  Remember that for long-term interest rates like mortgages, it’s all about inflati...

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At least weekly, I write about what is happening that may affect interest rates and mortgage-backed securities for the coming days.