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One thing observing on TV each night the politics of the season, without picking any sides, or putting out any opinion is what I callDo Not Be An Adult Sitting In The Principal's Office.In looking at this in terms of REAL ESTATE, think we are ALL EQUALS. It can NOT feel like that at times with on...
Often we hear in news print don't believe everything you read. With blowhard speakers at every soapbox on TV and in meetings we attend, we think don't believe everything you hear. With the Internet it is almost the NORM that what you see is not true.BUT our biggest obstacle to sifting through thi...
AGING for all of us, and noting changes in our physical bodies, and seeing the world around us being different than 20 or 30 years ago is JUST A FACT. If anything, comparing notes with our peers about how things USED to be with us, or the world, well we JUST NEED TO LAUGH.So starting off this wee...
I have always been fascinating with handling time. Often I conclude any of trying to "control" it is a futile endeavor.YET, each day of our life whether we think a day goes by slow like in our younger years or a YEAR "zooms" by in our later years it is still the SAME 24 hours.We truly do not SAVE...
Interesting view one million miles out from the Earth with the Deep Space Climate Observatory with the sun illuminating the back of the moon, the part we never get to see as the orbit crosses the Earth.Amazing what you see with those cameras out there!!The Dark Side of the Moon. And not Pink Floy...
Political silly season is starting in full force NOW till the next year 2016 November Presidential election. I tell everyone let ALL the craziness and also serious discussing of issues play out, it is GOOD for our country. BUT also take much of it in humorous STRIDE.Jimmy Fallon, late night comed...
In the area of gardening there are many life lessons we can learn from tending to the plants. ONE is all about seeds. Rome was not built in a day. There is rarely any kind of get rich quick scheme out there today. In relationships, people don't know and understand YOU or you for that matter grasp...

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