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This is a blog about real estate topics both of interest to readers nationally and the local Dallas Ft. Worth area authored by REALTOR Gary Woltal of Keller Williams in Flower Mound, TX. Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Texas, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Keller Williams, Flower Mound, TX,Gary Woltal Blog, Buy a house in Flower Mound, Flower Mound Home Search, Sell Buy Flower Mound TX homes for sale



I really don't think as we are into the second decade of the 21st century, things are really not going to keep being fast around us, BUT daily "we do have control" to slow things down a bit for perspective, and also better connection to people and more "significance and meaning" individually for ...
Remember that LEMMING creature? Runs out there and everyone follows it. Didn't Mom ask if everyone jumped off a cliff would you follow? Think all the social networks to join, Netflix to subscribe to, training sessions to sign up for, people who want to buy you a cup of coffee, being politically c...
I don't know how I attracted so many high anxiety people into my life along the way, maybe cause I am the polar opposite being a very calm, unruffled feathers kind of dude person who lets much of stress and problems roll off the duck's back like water. BUT one thing talking to all of them in a st...
OK, I needed a good laugh in my day, maybe you do too.There should be a shortage of fishing poles in the world is the way I see life.
A brief reminder to us all that when trying things and they don't work out, as often happens, DO NOT, label yourself a failure, but that what you did resulted in an outcome, and you try again. It is often stated we fail our way to success.Getting bummed out with a stumble is natural but look at i...
Do you have a period of QUIET in your day all to yourself? I am encouraging you to find this for yourself, whether it be 15 minutes or thirty minutes. Early morning, end of work day, before retiring to sleep. WHY? Two things, UNDERSTANDING and ACTION. Where you can fit it in, as many days in the ...
A little social media etiquette, we all know, but we must truly follow it. WHEN in the presence of another person talking to you LIVE stop texting or being on the cell phone or checking email. Easy thought hard to do for so many.......    even illustrated in the Kiss Cam. BEHAVE. It is a matter o...
Of the fiduciary duties of a real estate agent to their client of obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability and reasonable care/diligence-- the last two I have found are heavily weighted as a STRONG NEED. Buyers and Sellers want:                COMPETENCE.Similar to the MANY...
I have always been amazed how each of us is infinitely talented with the gifts we are given yet we ALL can do some real self doubt on ourselves depending on circumstances that happen to us in a day. Particularly the FORCE OF REJECTION. I have learned a coping skill on rejection that works for me ...
With Golden Retrievers they will make your life so happy as a breed. You just never know what they are up to next. Keep your eye on these guys. Always up to something in life.

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