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One more thought going into the new year of ideas to do things BETTER Show Wisdom Picking Your Paths. What I mean by that is so much of life throughout a year is forks in the roads, picking from two choices. A more successful or happy life does consist in more GREAT choices, even changing directi...
In getting closer to thinking about resolutions both business and personal for the new year I ran across this quotation in the graphic. I see a lot of people ranking people subconsciously as to their "goodness" or worthiness in society based on their status, wealth, popularity, sphere of influenc...
In driving around over the holidays I got my vehicle STUCK going through what I can only describe as a monsoon like rain. You know, the wipers on HIGH and you can't still see anything. I got through it safely, traveled about two hours down the road, then five minutes after parking, WHAM-O the rai...
Despite this discussion I have with many agents all the time that they are a customer service representative and offering all sorts of great service to clients, when the rubber meets the road, real estate TRULY IS SALES. A sales transaction is this tug of war between a buyer and seller to get som...
Once there was a snowman, Who stood outside the door, He wished that he could come inside, And run about the floor. He wished that he could warm himself, Beside the fire, so red. He wished that he could climb Upon the big white bed. So he called to the North Wind, "Come and help me, pray, For I'm...
I am seeing it again this time of year as Christmas draws near. STRESS induced by shopping, preparing the home, travel, writing Christmas cards and it turns people UNHAPPY when they should be enjoying themselves, so another reminder post from YODA here, Happiness Is A Pizza At Christmas And ALWAY...
One of the behavioral problems you may notice with brand new agents or seasoned agents with a lingering bad habit is that of POP UP REALTOR. The phone rings, they head out to the listing from their desk. Someone calls the night before they immediately become their buyers agent showing six homes f...
I have always had this personal mantra from a famous quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." You change the world right around you, hopefully to the better, with what you do and say. I like EXAMPLES of things so think Grandma Brown AND YOU Can Make A Difference. Tabitha Brown proved ...
We are in that holiday lull prior to firing things up in January with so many posts and thoughts that will come along on resolutions. I wanted to Warm You Up To Doing Things Different To head new directions you do have to PUSH YOURSELF and venture into that "not comfortable" zone. That is the zon...

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