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The French singer and actor Maurice Chevalier once said,      "I never eat when I can dine." It is a great metaphor for living your life to the fullest, getting the most out of life, and I call it THRIVING in life, and not just existing. So I would challenge you to think about this question today...
Batman In Retirement But he STILL is one cool dude  
I have a friend who knows someone who runs a T shirt shop and over lunch we discuss the wide variety of things you can imprint on a T Shirt. My thought the other day was Being Gallant In The Land Of Muck. So much of our TV, online, radio and newspaper news is about violence, terrible happenings r...
Oftentimes as buyers zero in on that last one final house they want to make an offer on, to be the strongest in negotiating the offer you need to have as much information as possible going into this phase. You start literally between the agent and his buyers to      Play Sherlock Holmes To Discov...
In order to cut down on the NOISE of so many messages in your InBox   Use The 4 D's To Manage It Decide what to do with each and every message. Know your company policy (4 years?) of how long to store messages for legal reasons. The technique: Delete it - Generally you can delete half the email y...
Famed positive thinker Norman Vincent Peale was asked where you could finally find people with no problems. He showed them the local cemetery and pointed at the tombstones. If You Are Alive You'll Have Problems Maybe when we are younger we knock out solutions to problems faster or have more energ...
A life lesson I have talked about before with raising strong character children concerns observing who their friends and playmates are and making sure they are good ones cause they rub off on them. I wanted to address this again from an adult perspective in our business and personal lives cause s...
A story about a little boy goes like this:  Six-year-old Jonathan is gifted. And precocious. I'm told that when his parents took him to a restaurant, he ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. "Jonathan, I'm sorry, we don't serve grilled cheese sandwiches," the server replied.

He asked playfully, "Yo...
Do you some days in your work, or also your personal life, feel "stretched thin?" You know what that is? Emotional tiredness. You need to be aware about yourself that you should always Love Yourself Before Helping Others This has NOTHING to do with selfishness. It all has to do with filling up YO...

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