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Nancy Reagan had that big promotion for kids in her heyday, "Just Say No To Drugs." Well with behavioral patterns of your real estate clients, co-workers, friends and family I would also hope you adopt a fave of mine, Just Say NO To Your Button Pushers What that is, essentially as people know you...
I have been amazed constantly in life how FAST time flies and even into the new year how the first month zips along and melts into the second month and so on. So, how are you doing on your goals, and business and personal plans you set out for yourself? Here is a       New Year Tip For That To Do...
I'm a BIG believer when you identify you core 5 to 10 confidante type true friends in either your business or personal life touching them ALOT with your communication. Communication NEEDS to be a two way street to be effective and if they don't reciprocate eventually they should seriously not be ...
Getting to the "Moment of Truth" with people in life or in real estate is always an interesting crossroads. It is where the rubber meets the road. All the evidence is IN and it is time to pick a path. With respect in this case with BUYERS it comes to QUALIFYING to go forward with purchasing a hom...
The old child's game with the newest sweetheart in your life, Love Me or Love Me Not, tearing off the petals one at a time, to reveal the TRUTH, reminded me of a certain set of clients. More often found with buyer, tenant, and investor clients then those under contract as sellers. Do You Have A L...
Most in real estate EASILY know it is a profession of being good at multitasking. MANY things to do and keep track of at the same time even blurring across the business and personal lines. I have seen Mom REALTORS with their kids in the car while showing houses. While looking at multitasking itse...
In a past life in testing nose cone microwave radar detectors on missiles they had these test chambers built to not allow stray microwaves to bounce around. If you walked inside one of these room size chambers they were VERY QUIET too, like a sound proof room. It made me think about social media ...
What's interesting with technology, is I think many days we have a love / hate relationship with it. It can provide comfort that with a cell phone we can call for a tow truck or 911 from a remote location, check email throughout the day or visit our popular web sites. But with viruses, and Window...
When it comes to power negotiation in the real estate world or in communication between two parties you will encounter stubborness at some point. Whether someone just wants their way or can't learn to compromise you need to learn to Deal With The Black And White Thinker In A Grey World. First off...
I think while it is very important in our real estate businesses and in life to be one who lives in the present and looks FORWARD to the future, our past paths traveled even though now they are with 20/20 hindsight to look at, they can be vastly undervalued. I believe The PAST Road Traveled COUNT...

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