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This is a blog about real estate topics both of interest to readers nationally and the local Dallas Ft. Worth area authored by REALTOR Gary Woltal of Keller Williams in Flower Mound, TX. Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Texas, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Keller Williams, Flower Mound, TX,Gary Woltal Blog, Buy a house in Flower Mound, Flower Mound Home Search, Sell Buy Flower Mound TX homes for sale



The REAL Jersey Shore There's An App For That Some Days You Really Ought To Have Stayed In Bed    
I enjoy living in reality and learning what REALLY works in the world. I limit my excursions into Lah Lah land as diversions from stressful times or just letting my imagination freely flow. With success or getting where you want to go it is rarely ever easy NOR is it seemingly ever a straight lin...
I am not one to write about these points thresholds with blogging but as the old points odometer rolled over to the latest level (a million), that one had a nice ring to it and I know here in the blogosphere that is getting into rarified air. I started this little road trip with blogging exactly...
Clearly in today's world more and more regulations keep popping up. It seems to be never ending with banking, taxes, law. Now effective from Sept. 1, 2011, more detail has invaded the residential appraisal world. Some new appraisal guidelines just in case this area slipped past you. How do we kee...
I had been randomly listening to financial talking head Dave Ramsey on the radio the other day and the woman caller who saved and invested wisely had a male friend who was a spendthrift and carefree if not irresponsible with money he acquired. She wanted to encourage him to be more wise with his ...
I am fascinated how people DO NOT change their patterns in life to something better. I title this thought Is Your Wake Up Call Getting Your Attention Yet? You know the alarm clock goes off but you hit snooze over and over again. Well think of yourself out camping in Colorado AND THIS photo is you...
Whether you are a baseball fan of another team around the country or not a baseball fan at all, the 'American Pasttime' has lots of life lessons of the ups and downs of life and overcoming hard times and overall thinking about it is not over to it is over as Yogi Berra, Yankees catcher so aptly p...
Our habits and patterns can be good for us in life. Kind of puts us on automatic pilot with the good habits but extended too long life can get dull and flat and today I thought I would jog your mind to Break Out Of Your Pavlov's Dog Patterns. You remember Pavlov, the Russian physiologist from the...
Older people in general when you talk to them emphasize simplifying things. Some things to consider to Simplify Life To Get To Play The Sweet Music. The main advantage of simplifying besides clarity and organization all around you is saving tons of energy. So Autopay many if not all your bills bu...
Professor of Psychology Abraham Maslow in a 1943 paper proposed a hierarchy of one's needs in life. Whether you agree that lower needs must be met first all the time or not, like physical and safety, prior to higher needs like esteem, there is no question if you look around that There's A Whole L...

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