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I had a good time at this year's Dallas blogging conference attending at least day one of the two day event, with some good talks, a success panel and also what I went there for    MEETING PEOPLE. Like local user groups, these regional  "RainCamps" are much more than the material presented. As a ...
I sometimes think I see the world in too simple of terms compared to everyone making everything so darn complicated. Guess Who Really Sets The True Price On Houses? Hats? Well you may think the seller does since they have the product. But remember THEIRS is the fantasy price, not the real price. ...
A comment I received talking about interactions with people reminded me of good advice with some, Don't Argue With Your Crazy Aunt In The Attic. Mainly dealing with people who get irrational on you. What they are saying makes no sense to you. I wouldn't in general label anyone TOTALLY crazy, but ...
Sometimes you do run into these crabby, grouchy people in life who are sharp with you. Lord knows, don't we all have those days ourselves? We need a good technique of trying to turn that around. I'm not talking about being nice to evil people. Just the ones that have crappy days and their being i...
I have been accused of living in la la land a time or two or often, and while I think I am generally positive someone recently said I saw the glass as half empty so maybe there is hope for me yet as a realist with optimism but truly living in the REAL WORLD. There is however a caution for all of ...
Beyond price, location, and marketing a home well Good Showability Sells Homes Access, can people get INTO your house rather easily at a time set by the buyer prospect? Cleanliness, is the home clean from top to bottom? Maintained Repaired Replaced, are carpets and flooring and paint and outside ...
This is a word that you truly need to eliminate from your vocabulary and it is illustrated in bright RED below. The reason for this is when you say you CAN'T do something you are assuming the result already from a negative thinking point of view. How do you know you can't learn something, perform...
Seeing people sink more money into kitchens overimproving a house for a neighborhood or overextending themselves with an expensive motor home or jet setting around the world to lounge out on a huge yacht made me think how so many people miss it in life with their constant running around. They wan...
With many of our projects including what selections to do with social media, writing outside blogs, devising more effective prospecting techniques for our business, updating our business plans at mid year, and for that matter even our personal plans in our life for the year we sometimes need to s...
If you are under age 25 years old reading this post you probably don't know what I am talking about. But I want to encourage you to Have A Child's Toy VIEWMASTER View of the World. That means think differently! This toy had paper round disks with photos on them that allowed 3D snapshot viewing of...

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