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I have concluded with all the motivational seminars I have ever attended is they don't really work well to externally motivate you. Only YOU can motivate you. With our business and personal goals for a new year be reminded that you need to Want It Bad or You Will Fail With Your Goals. This cravin...
In reading many blog post topics related to business planning I see a lot of what people are ADDING to the mix for 2010. But there is a law of addition by subtraction. You can actually add more with your time if you Ditch A Few Hamster Wheels Going Into 2010 Business Planning. That 20/20 hindsigh...
I sometimes think bloggers writing their posts are their harshest critics. ESPECIALLY those new to writing posts that go up out there on the Web. A reminder should be to think When YOUR Voice Is The Best Voice. If you've written ten blog posts or 1,000 it is good to always keep this in mind. Ther...
New agents always ask how can I stand out from the crowd? This applies pretty much to anyone new in any given field. New Agents Should Just Think Cake. Particularly "icing" on the cake. Namely do MORE than the basics, and what's expected. Surprise your clients with extra information, insight, or ...
I read a lot. I listen a lot as well to other people. It is how I learn or I at least get impressions or inspired by others. Lately I have been reading many rants of various complaints people have on this or that. I listen in groups to complaints as well for everything from the weather to traffic...
From the old days of the memorable and hysterically funny Andy Griffith show do you know What You And Barney Fife Should NOT Have in Common? Think about that scene with his gun. Sheriff Taylor knew Barney better than himself. It is that a little knowledge can make you dangerous. Barney had the gu...
As the holiday season moves along it is only natural that we may just get worn out by all the Ho Ho Ho'ing and jingle bell refrains everywhere. Inside each of us we can go back and forth between being loving and just wanting to be our natural Grinch selves. So beyond traditional presents for all ...
Reading many rants in the blogosphere and just watching various people get all hot and bothered about political or religious positions reminded me how we should try to Become Your Own Puppetmaster When It Comes To Negative Energy. Negative energy is SUCH a waste of our time. Little spurts perhaps...
I am starting to see it again. Every year as the weeks get closer and closer to Christmas, shoppers have that frantic look on their face. They are not doing it all. They are not moving fast enough for the shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping presents, going to the parades, the parties, the wher...

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