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I had an annual eye exam today where they put those dilation drops in and your pupils grow to the size of quarters. Then you can't see worth a crap to drive home. BUT, all the light that can go in the eye does, so the doc can see the back of your eye. It's one of those "wide eyed" moments in your...
The date on the wall indicates a new month. Calendar Page Turning Means No More Fruitcake. OK, you go around the house and all is left from the parties are a few crumbs on the plate. You vow for the new year, never again this fruitcake. Fruitcake HAS to be the symbol of wanting to put some things...
You are headed toward a New Year island. It has a hammock for you between the Palm trees. No, 2009 will not be easy street for you. BUT, commit in your mind this visual that it will be one of the BEST ever for you. But Banish The Three I's From Your New Year Island. These i's are the first letter...
Your Future Success Depends If You Live In A Glass House With New Year's resolutions forthcoming, new business plans, and ideas to make our relationships and life work better, you really need to live in a glass house. Not with a green thumb mind you. But remind yourself that this is really an ins...
One thing I have noted in holiday gatherings whether at restaurants or within our home celebrations is the attitude of giving.    Do You Have Room For Pie? Watch the generosity in others. Money is no object. It is the experience. Do not be frugal in giving AND receiving the blessings of others. I...
In visiting many good family members and friends over the holiday season I saw what can only be described as "soft pillow" people. Whether met in person, phone call, or messages of support from email or cards I know who they are. Do you know who your soft pillow people are? Soft Pillow People Ass...
At this Christmas and holidays time of year all of us can easily work ourselves into a frenzy with gift buying, decorating, cooking, traveling, visiting others and just the sheer change to our routine. But I have always gathered much of the wisdom in life from those not so attached to all this st...
Real Estate offices are known for a few individuals, how shall we say it, that have some fairly sizeable egos. Depending on where you are in a career path, some with all the accolades on the wall, some who talk loudly, and just are king of the hill, it is easy to get intimidated. So, Are You Afra...
Christmas is about  light. Light entered the world of darkness to save it. Think of the light within you. Your spirit. Your good attitude. What you know that can help people. Your smile. Your laugh. Your special touch. A hug. A bit of caring. A special talent within. We all have light. Recognize ...
The tougher economy has particularly hit retail with the smaller clothing stores and some consumer electronics stores. More often than not lately we are seeing those "going out of business" signs. Sad, yet true. But businesses have births and deaths and nothing is guaranteed to last forever. Many...

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