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It was with great sadness our North Texas Realtor community learned of the death over this past weekend of Branch Manager and Escrow Officer Kevin Cochran at our local Freedom Title office in Hickory Creek, TX. Kevin was only 38 yr. old, had a history of high blood pressure and the autopsy said t...
Realtors I will tell you have the best stories. Ask any of them. They have choice ones. A recent discussion between Realtors had to do with the little things that had a closing hung up or delayed for days on end. The story went that the woman buyer really wanted the shower curtain that was in one...
It never ceases to amaze me how life is actually very neutral to all of us. You can have a bad day or a good day. It can be a bad day in the early portion of the day and a wonderful day toward sunset. I also observe how life can be fair and you feel blessed at times, and at other times the black ...
Spinning that dial on one of those older combo locks on a house I was showing recently made me think of the old game of Scrabble where you had to make words from a handful of letters. I immediately thought of four letter words. First, the expletive deleted words used by so many in frustrating sit...
Many you will find that are indeed hard working individuals in the real estate community will either complain about long hours, or working weekends, or that they can't find time to do all the other things they need to do in life. It's interesting though, the longer veterans of 20 years or so seem...
I am amazed when people in all walks of life come up to me in my real estate world and say that sometimes a "perfect stranger" said the nicest thing to them or made their day. I say maybe that was why they were perfect for you. Maybe it is more than just coincidence. Maybe it was fate. Why do fri...
We can learn a lot from young children and the elderly a few breaths away from the end of life. I talk with each ALL the time. If there were ever gurus on top of mountaintops these two sets of people have the answers. Too many hard working full time and part time Realtors and career-minded profes...
Breakfast has always been my favorite meal. I know that doesn't relate to many of you whose breakfast consists of a cup of coffee as you run out the door. But growing up I used to love those variety pack breakfast cereals where you could pick and choose from all those "flavors of the day." What a...
It amazes me in real estate how much we are "counted" on for the other things to make things happen. As a client and professional team up in a trusting relationship, clients want to know about other services like cleaning people, pool service, inspectors, Home Warranty, etc. You have in essence b...
There is an ancient story in Greek mythology  about a king called Sisyphus who was punished. He was to push a boulder up a hill only to have it roll back on him when it neared the top and this happened over and over for eternity. Don't let the boulder brains of the world do this to you.  And you,...

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